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Write Nothing In Here | Seema Sharma

Summoning your creativity when your brain just wants you to watch Netflix and your body is demanding to stay in pyjamas for as much as the day as possible is tough, and it’s… Continue reading

Collage and Keep | Eleanor Shakespeare

Combine a collection of our favourite things and you’ll be left with a blend of fantastical narratives, negative spaces, tactile text, bright colours and textural illustrations. How lucky then, that Eleanor Shakespeare happens… Continue reading

Olga Molina

Olga Molina is a Spanish illustrator whose watercolour images, sketchbook narratives and illustrated ceramics are alive with the excitement and diverse sensual experience of travel, adventure, and taking joy in small discoveries. Her… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Biff Studio

Skateboarding demons, goo-monsters and some top-notch typography, Biff is a talented illustrator with an unbeatable reputation and a wild imagination. From his home in Weymouth, Biff spends his time dreaming up images that… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator alphawham

alphawham, or Paul Clay as he’s also known, is an illustrator from Staffordshire who believes in keeping it simple, putting pencil to any variety of paper, creating quirky, comic character developments. His work… Continue reading