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YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Jade Spranklen

Jade Spranklen is an illustrator and 2D animation director known as Sprankenstein. Her wildly imaginative, free-flowing and often spooky style has become a trademark that’s easily recognisable on sites like ASOS and adorning anything from Doctor… Continue reading

10 Vegan Chocolate Brands to Know

Now more than ever, Easter is all about chocolate. According to a recent study, kids in the UK receive on average 8.8 Easter eggs per year and that friends, is a buttload of… Continue reading

Competition | Design a Greetings Card for Ohh Deer

Good news for illustrators, designers and witty image makers: the lovely folks at Ohh Deer have just launched their annual greetings card competition and entries are open. Whether you’ve got an idea for… Continue reading


Stationery fiends, gift-wrapping experts and fans of all things illustrated, it’s time to celebrate because the long-awaited Ohh Deer shop is finally here. Hitting Loughborough’s streets at the end of last year, the physical manifestation… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Weaver + Designer Lucy of Peas and Needles

Lucy Davidson is a blogger, designer, small business owner and weaver from Brighton. Influenced by her home town, its eclectic charity shops, the relationship between handmade and digital and her fiancee, also a… Continue reading

Win Two VIP Tickets to Collect Art Fair with Newby Teas

It’s common knowledge that a good cup of tea cures everything and our friends at Newby Teas know good tea like no one else. Their fancy luxury blends are a real treat and… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a DIY Clutch with The Lovely Drawer

We’ve begun 2017 by doing what we do best, celebrating and supporting creatives and their wonderful work. Sometimes, this means lending other bloggers and sites that are doing a fine job of inspiring… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer-Maker Mel of Mellybee

Melanie Chadwick is a designer-maker and freelance illustrator based in the UK. Mel divides her time between creative work for businesses, licensing and commissions and designing and creating modern, eco-friendly products for her homeware and accessories… Continue reading

The Best High Street Eats for Design Lovers

If you’ve made a tonne of money-saving resolutions this month and are trying not to break the bank by splurging on eating out, it’s likely you’ll end up looking to the high street for… Continue reading

Kate Pugsley

Kate Pugsley is an illustrator, painter and surface designer based in Chicago. Kate has a way with tone and shape reminiscent of the squiggles and bright cut-outs of Matisse, but with a glam, magical… Continue reading


On Saturday 12th November, YOUNG GOLD TEETH staged its first community talks event, aptly named YOUNG GOLD TALKS. Throughout the day we welcomed more than 150 guests through the doors of Google Campus,… Continue reading

Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska

Martyna Wójcik-Śmierska is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer who specialises in editorial illustrations comprised of soft lines, speckled surfaces and dreamy pastel colors. She currently works as a freelancer in Warsaw spending… Continue reading

Betsy Petersen

Betsy Petersen is an illustrator and designer based in Houston, Texas. Her collaborative works, self-directed paintings and famed family portraits are wonderfully simple and yet discernibly striking. Formed of vivid, block colours, Betsy’s… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Emma McDowall

Emma McDowall is Scottish artist and maker whose concrete creations are not only a pleasure to behold but also indicative of the UK’s stretched yet ever flourishing creative climate. With a background in textiles… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | April 2016

April brings many happy occasions but none so special as YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s birthday. Well, we like to think so anyway. As this glorious series of sunny and showery days is our birthday… Continue reading


The design-loving maestros at People of Print have gone and done something innovative. In fact they’ve been doing it for seven long months now. Perhaps this is the grand answer to miserly questions… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer-Maker Emily Hayes

Emily Hayes is a freelance designer and illustrator based in the north of England. Her approach to creating handmade gifts, stationery and homewares is rooted in colour and experimentation, yielding playful and unique results. Emily’s… Continue reading

THINGS TO DO | March 2016

March is here, spring has kind of sprung and we’re ready to regale you with our top finds for the month. Discover creative things to do in London, ways to spoil your mamma… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer-Maker Fleur de Carotte

After admiring Fleur de Carotte’s creations on Instagram and running into the designer/maker behind the brand at one of the Brighton Etsy team’s wonderful market events, we got to know her a little… Continue reading

GET THE LOOK | Pastel Prints

Our second Look Kit is here and this time we’re counterbalancing all that cosy winter warmth from the last outfit line-up with cool tones and fresh accessories. Dreamy pastels are the order of the… Continue reading

THINGS TO DO | February 2016

It may be the month of love but don’t you fret. We don’t go in for all that soppy crap here and no matter what your relationship status, we’ve got your back. The… Continue reading

Izumi Miyazaki

Japanese photography student Izumi Miyazaki creates stunning self portraits that utilise surreal props and depict excellent, private scenarios. In striking colours, these images make up Izumi’s ever popular Tumblr. Started back in 2012, the now… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Michael Parkin

Michael Parkin is an inspiring illustrator based in Kingston by way of a small town called Farnham. A first class grad from Kingston University, Michael now works as an exceptional freelance illustrator and… Continue reading

YOU SHOULD VISIT The Lomography Store

Over the years analogue photography’s been through the mill. Whether proclaimed dead and archaic by techno-weirdos or hailed as the only way to shoot for real, actual film has largely been replaced with… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Rose Rankin

If like us you choose to forego high heels in favour of comfortable, good-looking crepes at all times, you’ll no doubt appreciate our latest style obsession. Rose Rankin is a footwear label that’s stormed… Continue reading

Write Nothing In Here | Seema Sharma

Summoning your creativity when your brain just wants you to watch Netflix and your body is demanding to stay in pyjamas for as much as the day as possible is tough, and it’s… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | December 2015

Christmas is coming, the goose (or me, or you, or whoever) is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny, a pound coin will… Continue reading

Matteo Signorelli

Matteo Signorelli is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator with a penchant for the colour blue. His work is a blend of block colours, simple shapes and witty subjects seemingly inspired by the… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | November 2015

This month’s wish list theme is peace, pastels and rainbows because we’re already thinking about the holidays and how important it is to stick together, be kind to one another and revel in life’s beauties.… Continue reading

Babeth Lafon

Babeth Lafon is a French illustrator based in the wonderfully creative city of Berlin. Her images are tonal explorations of all things fashion and lifestyle-led though shy away from the fashion illustration cliches… Continue reading


We love being part of London’s flourishing creative scene, especially when it works hard to support those in need of help and raises communities based on shared interests and goals. One thing we’re… Continue reading

The London Artisan | The Artisan Talks

With this month drawing to a close and thoughts of gifting, new years resolutions and the ever-important quest to shop local and independent over the holidays already circling our brains, we’ve been on… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes

Jordan Curtis Hughes is a young photographer who at the tender age of 22 has flown all over the world shooting live shows with some of the world’s biggest artists. We first discovered… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | September 2015

Summer’s over guys, it’s official. To be totally honest, we don’t actually mind that much because with the onset of autumn, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a walk through red and orange leaves… Continue reading

HOW TO Add a Dot of Colour With Collett + Holder

Some say there are no greater joys than the sight of freshly cut flowers or the scent of nature in the home. We say, that’s probably true. There’s something about a room that… Continue reading

Ilka & Franz | Messy Food

Need a little cheering up this afternoon? You need look no further than Ilka & Franz’s latest photo project. Presented in a range of bright pastel palettes, the Austrian and German photography duo… Continue reading

Natalie Foss

Natalie Foss is a freelance illustrator based in Oslo. Her images first caught her eye over on Instagram where she regularly posts works in progress that provide generous insights into her simple yet… Continue reading

Collage and Keep | Eleanor Shakespeare

Combine a collection of our favourite things and you’ll be left with a blend of fantastical narratives, negative spaces, tactile text, bright colours and textural illustrations. How lucky then, that Eleanor Shakespeare happens… Continue reading

The Creative Lives | Tiffany Bozic

Gavin Lewis Heslet is the Director of a pretty exceptional project called The Creative Lives. An independent filmmaker from Los Angeles, Gavin began documenting the lives and skills of contemporary artists roughly eight years… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | August 2015

This month may be the last we see of the summer in London, but we’ve had a pretty good run, haven’t we? Among the best of our experiences are our trips to the… Continue reading

YOU SHOULD VISIT Collett and Holder

Though our visit section is usually dominated by shops formed of brick and mortar, we sometimes deviate from this in order to share secrets about some of the most coveted corners of the… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | June 2015

The arrival of summer can sometimes come as a bit of a shock here in London. Suddenly it’s hot and a bit sticky and jeans seem like a stupid idea, however you’ll lament… Continue reading

The Gorgeous Colouring Book For Grown-Ups

If you’re a creative sort that isn’t lucky enough to regularly revel in the luxury of working to your own schedule, it can be tough finding time to kick back and enjoy simple… Continue reading

This GOOD Box | The Ethical Subscription Service

Not too long ago we were in raptures over a tantalising new subscription service and a crafty London-based event to kick it off. Intrigued by the promise of ‘Random acts of Craft’ in… Continue reading

Gather&See | The Conscious Shopping Destination

You know our friends Brothers We Stand, the menswear retailer set to change the world of fashion forever, now meet Gather&See, another awesome curator of sustainable style offering superb collections from the very… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Hope and Hubris by Florence Boyd

Hope and Hubris is a small Brighton-based label that specialises in creating beautiful hand-illustrated silk scarves featuring strange and alluring narratives. Colourful, textural and alive with rich patterns and characterful icons, each scarf features… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | April 2015

Seeing as this month plays host to Emily’s birthday, April’s wish list is inspired by parties, presents, celebrations, and all the pleasant effects of growing riper, wiser and more gracefully aged. This month… Continue reading

Free Range Art & Design Shows

After a little inspiration this summer? While the sun shines up-and-coming creatives from all over the UK will be hard at work in preparation for one of the best events of the year.… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: London Terrariums

One of the problems of living in a city, as culturally rich and creatively diverting as it may be, is that we’re seldom granted a patch of green to call our own. Sure,… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Laura + Tom of Jolly Edition

Jolly Edition is a illustration studio and stationery emporium founded by Laura Shema and Tom Hart. After getting married in 2011 the creative couple launched their business, flitting between the UK and US and eventually… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | February 2015

Once again it’s time to reveal what we’re lusting after this month, and given that February is hotly tipped as the lustiest month, we’ve created a Valentine’s Wish List to honour the one… Continue reading

Meera Lee Patel

  Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her lovely illustrations are inspired by the magical mysteries of nature, quiet moments, secrets, and bold, exciting, colours that… Continue reading

Strange Plants a Book by Zioxla

Strange Plants is a stunning celebration of a few of our favourite things, in book form. It is, as you might imagine, an exploration of the great value of plants in the everyday… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Jonathan Mitchell of Brothers We Stand

We’re making a statement today and it’s one that we hope you’ll get on board with. This week the British Fashion Council have brought us London Collections: Men, and naturally, the whole world… Continue reading

Chloe Hall

Based in Leicester, illustrator Chloe Hall works from her lovely little studio-shed to create products, patterns, and hand-embroidered prints. Armed with the tools of her trade and a nice cup of tea, she… Continue reading

Sarah Andreacchio

Sarah Andreacchio is a Paris-based freelance illustrator, and do you know what? We’re a little jealous of her. She uses her passion for pattern, music and graphic design to influence the new work that… Continue reading

Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen says he’s an artist interested in colourful mud. Santtu, we have that in common. A Finnish illustrator based in the States, Santtu’s stunning work is inspired by and depicts natural patterns… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Visual Artist Andy DeCola

Andy DeCola is a vastly inspiring and innovative artist. His work explores a range of abstract ideas and employs a stunning mix of materials and themes. Andy grew up in the small town of… Continue reading


Kinska’s hand-painted ceramics are pretty high on our Christmas wish lists this year. Based in London, this ceramic and mixed media artist works away in her Brixton studio producing the magical monochrome pots,… Continue reading

Reema Motib

Reema Motib is an experimental artist and illustrator from Saudi Arabia. Born in Connecticut, Reema currently hails from Riyadh and it’s here that she spends time studying and creating beautiful mixed media pieces… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | November 2014

Remember, remember, our almost worrying preoccupation with November. This month, what with firework-filled celebrations and clear chilly nights, our wish list is inspired by Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkin-spiced-lattes, bonfires, cosy lighting, autumn colour (if you’re a country-dweller… Continue reading

Laura Gee

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s unique furnishings and creative home wares. Here are a few things we love a little bit more; imaginative and well kept hair do and beard combos,… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Emma J Shipley

A new wave of artists have been channelling their work through the world of fashion, giving their images a new lease of life by transferring them to new mediums, and in this case,… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Sarah Menzies of The Feline Foundation

The Feline Foundation is a fantastic initiative and non-profit organisation that has grown into an unstoppable force for good by way of three of our favourite things; positivity, creativity and cats. Founded by… Continue reading

Andrew Denholm

A freelance illustrator hailing from Melrose, Scotland, Andrew Denholm is a talented character in possession of a portfolio that demands attention. Illustrators are generally a humble bunch, happy to waive overt praise in favour… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Kieron Lewis of The Profile Book

The Profile Book is a creative digital platform that is taking the web by storm. An artist profile site from which creatives can showcase their work, it has more recently has been transposed… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Gill Chantler

We had the pleasure of meeting Gill Chantler at The House of Illustration fair earlier this summer and fell in love with her work. It’s bright, bold and features a fantastic use of shape… Continue reading


Lik + Neon is another of our favourite independent creative emporiums, nestled in the heart of Brick Lane, in London’s East End. This little store represents talented emerging and established illustrators, printmakers and… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS the Creators of Shore Projects

Happy accidents are blissful. They’re part of what makes life enjoyable and give us cause to nod to something or other in appreciation of new and insightful discoveries. Running YGT generally means that… Continue reading

House of Illustration | Illustrator’s Fair

Being part of YGT sometimes means venturing to far-off places in search of creative action, although most of the time it entails explorations of London and its arty events. We popped over to… Continue reading


Welcome to the newest edition of YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s commentary on life and leisure in the creative industries: YOU SHOULD VISIT, a glowing review of places we’ve been, loved and urge you to… Continue reading

MAKER TO KOW: Hello Marine

HelloMarine, an artist who grew up and developed her creative capabilities and interests in the South of France now lives in sunny Brighton, UK, another cool coastal area dominated by innovative types who… Continue reading

Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is an art student based in Cumbria who produces illustrations with a graphic edge. His influences are myriad and his focus on keeping all creative options open is admirable. As a… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Ben Phe

Back in 2012, I wrote a piece for the illustrious Middle Boop Mag, on the work of Benjamin Evenett AKA Ben Phe, a multidisciplinary artist whose work is a fantastic fusion of fine… Continue reading

Rob Halhead-Baker

Rob Halhead-Baker is a collage artist living in London. After studying for an art foundation at Farnham UCA, he is currently completing his final year of BA Design for Interaction and Moving Image,… Continue reading


Emma MacLeod is a wonderfully creative contemporary jeweller based in Scotland. From her Dundee workshop, she draws inspiration from industrial construction and fabrication methods, producing miniature, wearable structures. Her unisex jewellery, much of… Continue reading

Spencer Heyfron X Angela Southern | This is New York

At some point in our browsing history, either on or offline, we’ve all come across a wash of lifestyle editorials that seek to encapsulate the identity of a particular city or area; photographs… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Biff Studio

Skateboarding demons, goo-monsters and some top-notch typography, Biff is a talented illustrator with an unbeatable reputation and a wild imagination. From his home in Weymouth, Biff spends his time dreaming up images that… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Colourbox Boutique by Joe Rogers

Joe Rogers, who also goes by his creative pseudonym Colourbox, is a freelance illustrator whose playful images employ a healthy mix of materials and technique. A jazzy hodge-podge of colour and subject matter,… Continue reading

Katherine Tromans

Katherine Tromans is a Birmingham based illustrator and graphic designer whose candy-coloured work is a breath of fresh air. Her lovely illustrations have a soft, ethereal quality that warms the heart. Having recently… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer Kieron Lewis

Kieron Lewis is a graphic designer and creative who since last being featured by YOUNG GOLD TEETH has been up to an awful lot. From working on Plog: The Paper Log for Art… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Stay Home Club

Stay Home Club is a collection of covetable illustrated products that appeal to the punk rock cat-lady in all of us. Tote bags, felt pennant flags, patches and prints are designed in Montreal,… Continue reading

Kendra Dandy | Bouffants and Broken Hearts

What with the arrival of the great British summer, YGT has gone a little pattern-crazy. Not content with regularly bringing you fruity print crushes via Pinterest and Instagram, here you can find a… Continue reading

Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold is an illustrator, designer and typographer working in the UK. Heavily influenced by Pop-Art and more specifically, seventies product packaging, he creates bright, patterned images bursting with fluid text and great… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Charlotte Mei

YOUNG GOLD TEETH is crushing on a wonderful fusion of ceramic and style by way of Charlotte Mei’s adorable tiger rings. These cute little blue and white ceramic accessories are simplistic, statement works of… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Robert Darch

Robert Darch is a photographer and creative based in the South West of England. A documentary photography graduate from UWCN, Newport, the images he produces are honest, visceral and striking. Currently collaborating with… Continue reading

Alma Haser

Alma Haser is a photographer from the UK by way of Germany with a flair for composing and documenting uncanny scenes and creating excellent subversions of traditional portraiture. “Cosmic Surgery’, a series of… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator alphawham

alphawham, or Paul Clay as he’s also known, is an illustrator from Staffordshire who believes in keeping it simple, putting pencil to any variety of paper, creating quirky, comic character developments. His work… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: The Trip Control

Illustrator and designer Angelina Beer’s independent clothing label The Trip Control is a great collection of monochrome pieces that feature original screen printed designs based on cosmic symbols, hieroglyphs and the occult. A… Continue reading

Just Noey

Another penny in my bank of ceramic treats, these matchboxes by London based Illustrator and Designer Parul Arora are wonderful.Based on vintage matchbox packaging design, there are a total of six individual boxes each… Continue reading

Graphik (H)

Graphik (H) is an illustrator and musician living and working in France, creating dreamy photography-based images. His portraits of beautiful people with ghostly daemons at their backs are a conglomeration of soft paint-by-numbers-esque… Continue reading

Cecilia Paredes

Peruvian artist Cecelia Paredes currently lives and works between Lima and Philadelphia, creating elegant pieces that interrogate our notions of reality, beauty and the origins of what we find attractive. Her work makes use… Continue reading