Grace Mikell Ramsey

Grace Mikell Ramsey, a painter from California creates images which resonate with pathos, ritual and the curious buzz of magical realism. Working predominantly with oil paint on canvas or wooden panelling, Grace’s paintings act… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Stay Home Club

Stay Home Club is a collection of covetable illustrated products that appeal to the punk rock cat-lady in all of us. Tote bags, felt pennant flags, patches and prints are designed in Montreal,… Continue reading

Hayley Wells

Hayley Wells is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol. A recent graduate from the University of Lincoln, where she specialised in editorial illustration and character design, her work has been showcased by the likes of… Continue reading

Cayetano González

Cayetano González is a Spanish artist, cinematographer, editor and photographer whose images range from psychedelic mirrored creations to stark, far-reaching landscapes and intriguing mechanical objects. His work is a fantastic example of photography’s versatility as a creative… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Jo Cheung

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Jo Cheung, a talented illustrator and designer currently residing in the North of England. A mix of characterful animals, detailed embellishments and cheerful colour… Continue reading

James Clapham

James Clapham, creator of fluid, comic characters and tropical cosmic dreamscapes, is blessed with the kind of wicked imagination celebrated by YOUNG GOLD TEETH. Currently an MA student of illustration at Camberwell School… Continue reading

Kendra Dandy | Bouffants and Broken Hearts

What with the arrival of the great British summer, YGT has gone a little pattern-crazy. Not content with regularly bringing you fruity print crushes via Pinterest and Instagram, here you can find a… Continue reading

빨리! 빨리! | Sander Holsgens

Sander Holsgens is a photographer and freelance writer who explores contemporary Asian art and culture with his work. Based in the Netherlands, he attended the photo academy, and then graduated from programmes in Cultural… Continue reading

Angela Rossi

Ceramics, cats, kitsch, Star Wars? I am in design heaven. Angela Rossi is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. A self-taught and self-proclaimed outsider artist, Angela works with discarded, damaged items… Continue reading

Riccardo Casinelli

Riccardo Casinelli is a graphic designer based in Rome. His work is comprised of striking outlines, stark colour contrasts and snappy typography. One such project that espouses all three is the wonderful Mood… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes | 2013

Brummie raised and London living, Jordan Curtis Hughes is photographer with an ear firmly to the ground – or should that be an eye firmly on the viewfinder? Be it the dingy back… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Nate Kitch

Nate Kitch is an award-winning illustrator and designer from the UK represented by Eastwing. His work is a great conglomeration of hand-drawn and digital geometric shapes and patterns, collage, typography and photography. Looking to… Continue reading

Alan Coulson

London based artist, Alan Coulson’s paintings are vibrant, honest and entirely captivating. Having completed a foundation in art and design, Alan continued to paint, instructing himself on new techniques and perfecting his distinctive… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Pen On Paper Stationery

Pen On Paper, purveyors of stylish illustrated stationery, was created by Brighton University graduates, Lucy Kirk and Millie Popovic by way of a shared fondness for lidos, bathing suits and good old fashioned jollity. Their new… Continue reading

Tim MacKay

Vectorial landscapes, floating cars and oil-spill eddies of psychedelic colour, a mere taste of what Tim MacKay’s gorgeous digital collages have to offer. Tim is a Toronto based artist who creates pieces comprised… Continue reading

Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold is an illustrator, designer and typographer working in the UK. Heavily influenced by Pop-Art and more specifically, seventies product packaging, he creates bright, patterned images bursting with fluid text and great… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Esther Horchner

Esther Horchner is a Dutch illustrator and ceramicist whose Take a Bath tea-set, is an off-the-wall creation which is as beautiful as it is functional. A self-confessed coveter of clay-based items, Esther draws… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Charlotte Mei

YOUNG GOLD TEETH is crushing on a wonderful fusion of ceramic and style by way of Charlotte Mei’s adorable tiger rings. These cute little blue and white ceramic accessories are simplistic, statement works of… Continue reading

Louis Edwin Fry

Louis Edwin Fry is a photographer and videographer who hails from the UK. Brought to my attention by the lovely lot at Deer Brains, Louis’ work has a dreamy lo-fi aesthetic.  His great use… Continue reading

Nathan James

Nathan James, a name that’s been flitting around the bloggosphere in recent months – with good reason, is a London based artist whose paintings are a grizzly mark on the modern portraiture scene.… Continue reading

Civil Union

Seeing as YOUNG GOLD TEETH is currently loving all things collaborative, Civil Union, a project by American artists Jenny Morgan and David Mramor is ticking all the visual art boxes. Jenny Morgan is a… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Robert Darch

Robert Darch is a photographer and creative based in the South West of England. A documentary photography graduate from UWCN, Newport, the images he produces are honest, visceral and striking. Currently collaborating with… Continue reading

Alma Haser

Alma Haser is a photographer from the UK by way of Germany with a flair for composing and documenting uncanny scenes and creating excellent subversions of traditional portraiture. “Cosmic Surgery’, a series of… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator alphawham

alphawham, or Paul Clay as he’s also known, is an illustrator from Staffordshire who believes in keeping it simple, putting pencil to any variety of paper, creating quirky, comic character developments. His work… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: The Trip Control

Illustrator and designer Angelina Beer’s independent clothing label The Trip Control is a great collection of monochrome pieces that feature original screen printed designs based on cosmic symbols, hieroglyphs and the occult. A… Continue reading

Emilie Faif

Emilie Faif is a visual artist who specialises in textile based sculpture and beautiful dream-like installations. Using a range of materials, of which fabrics take centre stage, she creates fantastical floating landscapes, peppered… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Ange-line Tetrault

YOUNG GOLD TEETH loves ceramic items by Toronto-based artist, curator and product designer Ange-line Tetrault. In particular her porcelain Hidden Animal cups and lucky horse shoe designs. Though she works in a variety… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Visual Artist Dan Cimmermann

Dan Cimmermann is a talented artist based in the UK. we love his paintings, which are a wonderful conglomeration of subject matter and figurative interpretation. A bricolage made up of varied layers of… Continue reading

Just Noey

Another penny in my bank of ceramic treats, these matchboxes by London based Illustrator and Designer Parul Arora are wonderful.Based on vintage matchbox packaging design, there are a total of six individual boxes each… Continue reading

Graphik (H)

Graphik (H) is an illustrator and musician living and working in France, creating dreamy photography-based images. His portraits of beautiful people with ghostly daemons at their backs are a conglomeration of soft paint-by-numbers-esque… Continue reading

Tom Edwards

London based illustrator Tom Edwards creates images that look like the outcome of Hunter S. Thompson’s tarot card design project.His contemporary cartoon hieroglyphs make up a great selection of clever, farcical illustrations that I… Continue reading

Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin is an artist based on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Having worked on various horticultural projects over the years, developing a sound understanding of the intricate visual and biological compositions of… Continue reading


Montreal-based mash-up maestro and glitchy collage artist Tchmo creates digital landscapes and abstract scenes in intense, clashing colours.Having seen his work making the rounds on the pages of Juxtapoz and Little Paper Planes,… Continue reading

Sophie Alda

Sophie Alda’s creations are playful, absurdist eye-candy. Sections of soft pastel offset striking monochrome pattern-work amid water melons and stylised weirdy characters. Her method of splicing juxtaposing sections of subject matter and colour… Continue reading


There’s something about casual up-cycled style that really grabs our attention. Whether it’s a cute peter-pan collar and cardigan combo or a double-denim extravaganza, no-frills vintage meets street-chic is a winner in our… Continue reading

Chrissie Abbott

East-London-based Chrissie Abbott is an artist who commands attention. Her cosmic collages, videos, paintwork, prints and illustrations appeal to the wry, fun-loving and DMT-saturated creature within us all. The work she produces is… Continue reading

Jen Mann

Jen Mann, a Canadian artist who hails from Toronto is fascinated by existential themes, the human subconscious, matters of the soul and personal identity. Furthermore, how this range of motifs interact, influencing creative content which… Continue reading

Carly Waito

The oh-so-prestigious title of this week’s ‘YGT Favourite’ sits firmly with Carly Waito. The Toronto-based artist’s hyper-realist paintings of shining minerals and gemstones are an example of some totally unpretentious, stand-out work. Themes… Continue reading

Cecilia Paredes

Peruvian artist Cecelia Paredes currently lives and works between Lima and Philadelphia, creating elegant pieces that interrogate our notions of reality, beauty and the origins of what we find attractive. Her work makes use… Continue reading

Patrick Martinez

Patrick Martinez is a visual artist who hails from the United States. As a teenager of the late 80’s and early 90’s, an interest in graffiti and hip-hop culture rooted itself firmly as part… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Collage Artist Kieran Sperring

Kieran Sperring is a UK-based collage artist whose fusion of found imagery with contemporary scenery is among some of the most magnetic and striking we’ve come across. Each image also tells a story or… Continue reading

Harriet Taylor Seed

Harriet Taylor Seed is an illustrator who lives and works in Brighton. There seems to be a classic correlation between daily location inspiration and her work’s merry, thift-store, seaside vibe. Harriet’s illustrations are… Continue reading

Helen Kirkbright

Helen Kirkbright is a London based fashion photographer, originally hailing from Greater Manchester. Her shots are a firm YGT favourite by virtue of the fact that they don’t appear to be straining to… Continue reading

Alexandra Levasseur

Alexandra Levasseur is a wonderful artist based in Montreal. Her pieces are created using a blend of acrylic and coloured pencil and are simply incredible. We came across her work while getting excitedly into the… Continue reading

Emily May

Emily May’s methodical attention to detail is peerless. Having graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a first class degree in Graphic Arts and Design, she now works in London producing playful and unpretentious… Continue reading

Jenni Sparks

Recently featured for her great collaboration with Evermade, Jenni Sparks is a YGT favourite. Her illustrations are fun, fresh and rib-ticklingly good. Personal favourites include her “Famous on the Internet” t-shirt, tote bag… Continue reading

Luis Dourado

This hugely talented artist has produced some of the best work i’ve seen all year. Perhaps because as soon as I locked eyes with the demonic floating head of Jimmy Stewart against a… Continue reading

Andy Kehoe

With exhibitions titled Revel in the Wild Joy and Hail the Dark Wonder is it any wonder Andy Kehoe is being featured on YOUNG GOLD TEETH? We like our folk art a little bit… Continue reading

Erin Case

A new addition to the canon of incredible collage-based surrealists: Erin Case is a visual artist from Michigan. Her careful juxtaposition of classic noir and contemporary fashion photography with strikingly colourful flashes of… Continue reading

Alex May Hughes

“AN EXERCISE IN YOUTHFUL BLASPHEMY”  YOUNG GOLD TEETH loves this featured piece from the LCC show by Alex May Hughes. It plays with ideas from H.G.Wells’ The Island of Dr Moreau. While emulating… Continue reading

Craig Schlewitz

Craig Schlewitz’s photography conjures up a shining visual narrative, blurred round the edges; a dreamscape, peppered with primitive, adolescent tropism and notions of the contemporary nomadic-flower-child. I love his photographs of landscape and… Continue reading

Linden Frederick

Linden Frederick, a Maine-based realist painter takes a refreshing step away from anything remotely digital or based in ‘mixed media’. Adhering to a residual culture of detailed post-war painting of domestic and commercial buildings,… Continue reading

Mowgli Omari

Mowgli Omari is an art student from south eat London. His work, a collection of geometric collages comprised of found images, exotic prints from childhood books and images of well-known rap and hip-hop… Continue reading