Ink & Thread is a lovely little emporium that has called the beautiful Cathedral Quarter of Derby home since November 2011. Over the last few years the store has gone to great efforts to singularly… Continue reading

Join us at TMBFY & YGT present LION PAW

This April YOUNG GOLD TEETH is teaming up with the wonderful This Must Be For You to bring you an all-day mini festival at The Shacklewell Arms all in the name of human… Continue reading

My Tablet & Me a Film by Inky Goodness

Introducing a thrilling series of editorial features and one lovely film from the folks at Inkygoodness in collaboration with UK retailer Argos. My Tablet & Me has readied us for a weekend of… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Linda Mai Phung

Linda Mai Phung is a French fashion designer whose unique and inspiring label is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Linda is no ordinary designer. An eco-entrepreneur and avid dreamer, her garments fuse… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | February 2015

Once again it’s time to reveal what we’re lusting after this month, and given that February is hotly tipped as the lustiest month, we’ve created a Valentine’s Wish List to honour the one… Continue reading

Meera Lee Patel

  Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her lovely illustrations are inspired by the magical mysteries of nature, quiet moments, secrets, and bold, exciting, colours that… Continue reading

Have a Creative Valentine’s | Boxpark Workshops

Whether you’re in or out of love this year, don’t be so quick to shun the festival of St. Valentine. It’s a real travesty that we’ve grown to misunderstand the true meaning of this… Continue reading

Strange Plants a Book by Zioxla

Strange Plants is a stunning celebration of a few of our favourite things, in book form. It is, as you might imagine, an exploration of the great value of plants in the everyday… Continue reading

Arantxa Recio | Harsa Pati

Arantxa Recio is a Spanish illustrator and designer based in Zaragoza, Spain. Selling her wares under the pseudonym Harsa Pati, her creations are fun and fresh and make spectacular use of colour and shape. Prints,… Continue reading

Vikram Kushwah

Vikram Kushwah is a London-based photographer who dwells in dark dreams teeming with the magic of the natural world. Described as both romantic and surrealist in composition and subject matter, Vikram’s photographs are rich… Continue reading

Lucy Eldridge

We’ve had our eye on Lucy Eldridge for some time. Not because we’re creeps, but because we really love her work. Lucy is an incredible talent and the creator of illustrations that continue… Continue reading

YGT & TMBFY’s Mini Festival | Get Involved

Fancy taking part in an awesome all-dayer that celebrates the joy of giving? YGT has teamed up with the brilliant This Must Be For You to stage a day-long art fair and festival… Continue reading

Enter the #EarthHourUK Design Competition

So, creative types and students, would you like to showcase your work to millions and spread positive messages while doing it? Do The Green Thing are a charity that uses creativity to combat climate… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a Castle Dip Cocktail

YGT welcomes you to our latest and greatest feat yet, it’s a series of creative HOW TO posts, promised to be filled with delectable delights, handy tutorials and quick fixes. As we all know,… Continue reading

Rob Gray

Rob Gray is an illustrator from Winchester, but we met him in London, where he now lives and studies. His work is a melting pot of ideas, and features folksy characters bearing sunny… Continue reading

Lauren Max

Lauren Max’s work is a very special pick that will inevitably bring you joy and untold creative inspiration. A Seattle based photographer with a flair for documenting the dynamic sparkle of the everyday,… Continue reading

Owen Normand

Making connections between creatives is something that we love to do here at YGT, but equally, we love being introduced to new artists and communities by the talented people that we work with… Continue reading


In May 2014 YGT staged an exhibition and pop-up party featuring the work of 15 international creatives. To refresh your memories and bring you in on what was a truly great weekend back… Continue reading

Cute Yum a Book by Mel Stringer

This year we’re getting excited about books; real print, the smell of press, comics, compendiums, paper and all things inky, tactile and physical. Sounds scintillating, doesn’t it? We’re working hard to spot the… Continue reading

Alex Foster

Alex Foster is an illustrator influenced by his home; the sunny seaside town of Margate. Location is important to Alex. From illustrated maps and posters of London, to personalised house portraits of the… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | January 2015

In light of this month’s chilly reputation and the ominous January Blues setting in, our wish list is all about the blues. Whether you’re traversing through the bleak winter cold, or braving the sea… Continue reading

Betsy Walton

Betsy Walton makes Facebook better place. When you’ve finally completed the arduous task of hiding all pictures of food, inane statuses about sports teams, dull life updates from people you’re convinced you’ve never… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Jonathan Mitchell of Brothers We Stand

We’re making a statement today and it’s one that we hope you’ll get on board with. This week the British Fashion Council have brought us London Collections: Men, and naturally, the whole world… Continue reading

Chloe Hall

Based in Leicester, illustrator Chloe Hall works from her lovely little studio-shed to create products, patterns, and hand-embroidered prints. Armed with the tools of her trade and a nice cup of tea, she… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Never Spent

Steph Lloyd is a fine art graduate and creator of slick, contemporary jewellery range Never Spent. Steph’s particular brand of jewellery design focuses on clean, simple and skin-friendly pieces that experiment with colour… Continue reading

Sarah Andreacchio

Sarah Andreacchio is a Paris-based freelance illustrator, and do you know what? We’re a little jealous of her. She uses her passion for pattern, music and graphic design to influence the new work that… Continue reading

Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen says he’s an artist interested in colourful mud. Santtu, we have that in common. A Finnish illustrator based in the States, Santtu’s stunning work is inspired by and depicts natural patterns… Continue reading

The YGT Guide To Brighton

For all its comfort and joy, Christmas can sometimes look a little sad, especially when the lights are sparse, the gift shopping is limited to a high street mall, and said mall doesn’t… Continue reading

Kate Rowland

A space explorer and science nerd, Kate Rowland is a Londoner now residing in the countryside, trading the bright lights of the city for the inspiration of actual, visible stars. This Northamptonshire-based illustrator and… Continue reading

Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia describes himself as stylistic illustrator who enjoys long walks along the beach. He also seems pretty proud to live with a Cornish Rex named Maybe; though wouldn’t you be, with a… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | December 2014

All that glitters and serves as an inspiring or decorative sight, as well as general Christmas tradition, is the order of our wish list this month. We’ve sought out all things hand-made, cute,… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Visual Artist Andy DeCola

Andy DeCola is a vastly inspiring and innovative artist. His work explores a range of abstract ideas and employs a stunning mix of materials and themes. Andy grew up in the small town of… Continue reading


Kinska’s hand-painted ceramics are pretty high on our Christmas wish lists this year. Based in London, this ceramic and mixed media artist works away in her Brixton studio producing the magical monochrome pots,… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Upper Tiny by Jenn Smith

Simple colours, abstract paints, stationery, gouache, and a little awkward humour; it’s the wonderful world of Jenn Smith and her Etsy store, Upper Tiny. Jenn’s creations are cute and colourful enough to raise… Continue reading

Reema Motib

Reema Motib is an experimental artist and illustrator from Saudi Arabia. Born in Connecticut, Reema currently hails from Riyadh and it’s here that she spends time studying and creating beautiful mixed media pieces… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: The Cartocon Co.

The Cartocon Company are part of the gifted wave of creators and curators that run this town. Actually, they don’t necessarily run this town because they’re based in Dundee. Their online store and… Continue reading


Mica Peet creates handmade, quirky creations, which capture the beauty of the natural world. A fashion and textiles graduate and illustrator base in Southsea, her pieces also feature contemporary and often abstract designs.… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | November 2014

Remember, remember, our almost worrying preoccupation with November. This month, what with firework-filled celebrations and clear chilly nights, our wish list is inspired by Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkin-spiced-lattes, bonfires, cosy lighting, autumn colour (if you’re a country-dweller… Continue reading

The YGT Guide To Cardiff

It says a lot when the closest thing Cardiff has in the tourist stakes to eating extortionate Fish and Chips in Leicester Square or overpriced Currywurst in Potsdamer Platz, is enjoying a butty… Continue reading

Fast-Fashion And How To Shop Well

Daniella Golden shares her thoughts on fast-fashion, buying well, treasure hunting, sustainability, and the value of clothes, encouraging us to buy conscientiously and consider the importance of great design, ethical production, and imagination… … Continue reading

Laura Gee

If there’s one thing we love around here, it’s unique furnishings and creative home wares. Here are a few things we love a little bit more; imaginative and well kept hair do and beard combos,… Continue reading

Scott W Mason

A recent fashion photography graduate, Scott W Mason is storming the creative scene. Specialising in illustration and photography, Scott is dedicated to experimenting with and developing with new ways of combining these two art… Continue reading

The Instagram Book

Will the tensions between print and digital never cease? Will we every grow tired of transposing our art from one medium to another? Probably not, because let’s be honest, this act instills us… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Ceramicist and Designer Nicola Suckling

In the world of ceramics, there are a few key movements and styles that have us crushing all over the shop of late. We’re loving kitschy up-cycled blue and white chintz, ombre desert-inspired… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Emma J Shipley

A new wave of artists have been channelling their work through the world of fashion, giving their images a new lease of life by transferring them to new mediums, and in this case,… Continue reading

Toasty London Events with UNIQLO HEATTECH

This month, we’re waving a not-so-tearful goodbye to gossamer tees and no sock looks to make way for warm winter gear. This is a happy time, a time without goosebumps or wishing we’d… Continue reading

The White Pepper | Autumn Collection

It’s been a good few months since we mentioned our obsession with East London-based boutique, The White Pepper, and we’re chuffed to see they’re still putting the pep in the Pepper, with oversized… Continue reading

The YGT Guide To Nottingham

Still referred to as ‘Shottingham’ by some misguided souls, as we move rapidly towards the winter of 2014, the Nottingham I know and love has branched well away from its previously dodgy reputation… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | October 2014

We have a confession to make… In the midst of September’s madness, busy toiling away on various projects, we omitted September’s wish list. We feel bad about it, honestly we do, but don’t… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Sarah Menzies of The Feline Foundation

The Feline Foundation is a fantastic initiative and non-profit organisation that has grown into an unstoppable force for good by way of three of our favourite things; positivity, creativity and cats. Founded by… Continue reading

Jessica Procter

Now that we’re well in to autumn, nothing gets us more excited than layers – and not just in the wardrobe department. London-based illustrator Jessica Procter is no stranger to layering all year… Continue reading

Maia Fjord

Cast your mind back to June, when YGT hit up the High Noon degree show from the Arts University Bournemouth. Well, now we’re excited to feature one of the hugely talented graduates who’s… Continue reading

Will Wright

Meet Will Wright, an illustrator and graphic designer with a great sense of humour, whose unique caricatures and colour-clashes exude fun and chill vibes. Based in Leicester, Will’s work has appeared on a… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Look & Yes Creators of Made You Look

Look & Yes are a production company with big ideas and high hopes. They are also the creators of a brand new documentary geared towards acknowledging a talented movement of creatives who extol their talents… Continue reading

Andrew Denholm

A freelance illustrator hailing from Melrose, Scotland, Andrew Denholm is a talented character in possession of a portfolio that demands attention. Illustrators are generally a humble bunch, happy to waive overt praise in favour… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Kieron Lewis of The Profile Book

The Profile Book is a creative digital platform that is taking the web by storm. An artist profile site from which creatives can showcase their work, it has more recently has been transposed… Continue reading

Shelving The Body a Book by Soapbox Press

Soapbox Press, as well as being dear friends of ours, are a far-reaching platform for the creative voice. Their aim to support art graduates and innovative projects of all disciplines mirrors our own,… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | August 2014

Every month YGT releases a wish list in order to big up favourite creatives, makers, designers and independent publications. We like to shout about the things we’ve discovered, the things we love and… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Gill Chantler

We had the pleasure of meeting Gill Chantler at The House of Illustration fair earlier this summer and fell in love with her work. It’s bright, bold and features a fantastic use of shape… Continue reading

Ana Theresa Barboza

Embroidery is something that gets us hot under the collar at YGT, and we’re not talking DIY infomercials or olde worlde tapestries either. We’re talking about Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza, who creates… Continue reading

Justin Hager

Justin Hager is a creative who hails from California. Up until this point he’s brought users of Instagram the world over a slice of ephemeral joy by posting original illustrations influenced by music… Continue reading


Lik + Neon is another of our favourite independent creative emporiums, nestled in the heart of Brick Lane, in London’s East End. This little store represents talented emerging and established illustrators, printmakers and… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Datter Industries by Kaye Blegvad

Not only has YGT favourite Datter Industries released a new collection of rough and rustic jewellery trinkets, but the creative behind the designs has re-located back to the UK after a stint in… Continue reading

Sarah Walton

She loves people, she loves dogs; she loves one thing more than I do. Sarah Walton’s embroidered illustrations are the cutest. We’ll address this illustrator’s innovative levels of artistry in just a second… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | July 2014

We spend enough time raving about scintillating illustrated products over here to put you to sleep so rather than bore you with the details of every single print-maker, textile-nut and independent brand we… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS the Creators of Shore Projects

Happy accidents are blissful. They’re part of what makes life enjoyable and give us cause to nod to something or other in appreciation of new and insightful discoveries. Running YGT generally means that… Continue reading

YOU SHOULD VISIT Curious Duke Gallery

This time we’re urging you to pop along to a little space with a delightfully warm and friendly atmosphere. The Curious Duke Gallery perches on east London’s Whitecross Street and holds a variety… Continue reading

House of Illustration | Illustrator’s Fair

Being part of YGT sometimes means venturing to far-off places in search of creative action, although most of the time it entails explorations of London and its arty events. We popped over to… Continue reading

What to Expect at Bournemouth Uni Art Show: High Noon

With degree show season upon us and some dazzling talent already out there across the UK, it’s time to focus on some of the top picks for this year. We don’t like to… Continue reading


Welcome to the newest edition of YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s commentary on life and leisure in the creative industries: YOU SHOULD VISIT, a glowing review of places we’ve been, loved and urge you to… Continue reading

Ida Gust

Ida Gust is a marvel and the internet is a triumph. Everybody is better off today because technology has allowed me to get to know a little more about this wonderful Gothenburg-based artist… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: Karen Mabon

Karen Mabon is a total gem. By fusing bold illustration, pop culture, high-style and luxury design using bright colours, amazing images and gorgeous fabrics to create stand-out scarves that frankly, i’d rather hang… Continue reading

Simone Truong

Simone Truong is a contemporary artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. By mixing mediums and processes she creates incredible limited edition prints and originals based on the themes of Fauna and Flora. Creatively,… Continue reading

SKIN: An Exhibition

We’d like to begin this post with a heartfelt thank you to all who attended YGT’s first event on Saturday 10th May and to everyone who helped put the show together. It was a… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS the Creators of Cred Ethical Jewellery

Cred Jewellery is a big name, though not for the reasons you’d expect. A little-known organisation as far as glossy mags and fashion bloggers are concerned, Cred happen to be the UK’s original 100%… Continue reading

Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist and writer who hails from Catanzaro, Italy. He is also one of our favourite artists of the year. Born in Italy in 1962,… Continue reading

MAKER TO KOW: Hello Marine

HelloMarine, an artist who grew up and developed her creative capabilities and interests in the South of France now lives in sunny Brighton, UK, another cool coastal area dominated by innovative types who… Continue reading

Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is an art student based in Cumbria who produces illustrations with a graphic edge. His influences are myriad and his focus on keeping all creative options open is admirable. As a… Continue reading

Jennifer Nehrbass

Jennifer Nehrbass is an incredible American artist whose vibrant paintings feature intrepid explorers and vintage-esque beauties looking slightly perturbed. Sections of her abstract creations are sometimes fantastical and surreal. Hyperreal elements then weave through… Continue reading

Mischief Champion

Katrin, a Berlin-based illustrator is better known by her creative alias, Mischief Champion, and mischievous she is. Her comical drawings, which are deadpan, awkward and brilliantly funny, feature cute animals and odd-looking humans… Continue reading

Oriol Angrill Jorda

Oriol Angrill Jorda is a Spanish artist whose illustration series, ‘blendscapes’ provides a fresh and resplendent exit from reality. These soft portraits of beauteous symetrical women fade into marks that resemble mountain scenes,… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Ben Phe

Back in 2012, I wrote a piece for the illustrious Middle Boop Mag, on the work of Benjamin Evenett AKA Ben Phe, a multidisciplinary artist whose work is a fantastic fusion of fine… Continue reading

Siobhán Barbour | Fingerpricks

Belfast-based craftivist and textiles whizz Siobhán Barbour creates original needlework pieces with a contemporary twist. Wonderfully unassuming doilies and stark pieces of fresh-looking cotton are embellished with wry quotes, body parts and blood. Erotic scenes,… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Onwards by Jen Collins

Onwards is an online outlet filled with must-have ceramics by Glasgow-based illustrator Jen Collins. Jen’s work is a beautiful mix of pattern, narrative, ink lines and bright flashes of colour. It’s her kiln… Continue reading

Rob Halhead-Baker

Rob Halhead-Baker is a collage artist living in London. After studying for an art foundation at Farnham UCA, he is currently completing his final year of BA Design for Interaction and Moving Image,… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: House of Sunny

House of Sunny is a fresh new London-based label that has exploded onto the style scene with impressive vigour. Having been snapped up by the likes of Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson, HoS… Continue reading

This Must Be For You | The Anonymous Gifting Project Staging a Free Art Show

The anonymous gift-givers, that is, Natasha Cutts and her merry band of kind-hearted creatives, came together in Shoreditch’s Strongroom Bar, to present This Must Be For You: The Altruistic Art Show. A free… Continue reading

Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson is a figurative painter who hails from London. Working with oil paint to create hyperrealist images, his work is akin to vivid cinematography. Joe’s paintings depict deliberately staged scenes in which… Continue reading


Emma MacLeod is a wonderfully creative contemporary jeweller based in Scotland. From her Dundee workshop, she draws inspiration from industrial construction and fabrication methods, producing miniature, wearable structures. Her unisex jewellery, much of… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Paul Crowther of Revolver Photo

Paul Crowther is a freelance photographer who works under the name, Revolver Photo, a reference to his favourite album by the Beatles. This title is an apt insight into his story, an inspiring one,… Continue reading

Puntobipolar Garcia

Puntobipolar Garcia is an illustrator and image maker whose mix of vintage floral patterns and detailed line drawings make for voyeuristic portraits of Indie-Cindys in cardigans sporting fly-away hair. The juxtaposition of bright… Continue reading

Tiffany Bozic

Tiffany Bozic is a self-taught artist currently living and working in Marin, California. Drawing inspiration from the redwood forests and clear skies around her, she creates images that depict detailed narratives of science… Continue reading

James Ward | Jimbobart

Jimbobart is London-based designer James Ward. From his studio and shop on Columbia Road in East London, he produces illustrated products that feature a range of kooky animals with bags of character. James’ hand-drawn… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Kiego Kamide

Kiego Kamide is a ceramicist and visual artist who hails from Japan. His work embraces the traditional Japanese traditional porcelain craft, Kutaniyaki, by way of production technique, functionality and pattern, whilst bringing a burst… Continue reading

Spencer Heyfron X Angela Southern | This is New York

At some point in our browsing history, either on or offline, we’ve all come across a wash of lifestyle editorials that seek to encapsulate the identity of a particular city or area; photographs… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Biff Studio

Skateboarding demons, goo-monsters and some top-notch typography, Biff is a talented illustrator with an unbeatable reputation and a wild imagination. From his home in Weymouth, Biff spends his time dreaming up images that… Continue reading

MAKER TO KNOW: Colourbox Boutique by Joe Rogers

Joe Rogers, who also goes by his creative pseudonym Colourbox, is a freelance illustrator whose playful images employ a healthy mix of materials and technique. A jazzy hodge-podge of colour and subject matter,… Continue reading

Katherine Tromans

Katherine Tromans is a Birmingham based illustrator and graphic designer whose candy-coloured work is a breath of fresh air. Her lovely illustrations have a soft, ethereal quality that warms the heart. Having recently… Continue reading

Bimba Girl Comics by Donya Todd

You may recognise the name Donya Todd from YOUNG GOLD TEETH features of yore and you’d be correct in thinking that she is a firm favourite and a very talented creative. Marvellous as… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer Kieron Lewis

Kieron Lewis is a graphic designer and creative who since last being featured by YOUNG GOLD TEETH has been up to an awful lot. From working on Plog: The Paper Log for Art… Continue reading