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YGT WISH LIST | April 2017

Sunny April is our birthday month and we’re celebrating with a bunch of our favourite things. We’ve scoured the UK once again to bring you a beautiful collection of handmade, ethical and independently-touted… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | March 2017

The worst is over! Spring is here, the sun is out and we’re tentatively turning off radiators and folding away our winter wardrobes. We’re feeling fresh and optimistic this month, so our March wish… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | February 2017

Let’s welcome February by blowing away those cobwebs and preparing for the month of love. That’s right, it’s about time for romance. Whether you’re a sucker for all things Valentine’s Day-related or see… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | January 2017

Oh January, you are so cold and bitter, you make us yearn for the summertime. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fully delight in your silent nights, glittering constellations and occasional smatterings of beautiful snow.… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | December 2016

  It’s that time again, dear readers, so wrap yourself in a soft blanket, fill up your cup with a mulled beverage and feast your eyes on our favourite Christmas picks from designer/makers,… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | November 2016

November’s wish list celebrates our upcoming event YOUNG GOLD TALKS and the concept of being true to yourself. We’re really bigging up makers, designers and indie businesses this month. Especially those based in our… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | October 2016

This month’s wish list celebrates fruity, autumnal flavours and getting outside to embrace the fresh new season. They say September is the new January and we tend to agree. This is the time of year… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | September 2016

We love the excitement and anticipation that comes with that back to school feeling, so naturally, this month’s wish list celebrates the tools and accessories needed to make the first few weeks back at your… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | August 2016

  Its almost the end of the summer and we’re already looking forward to settling cosily into autumn. Dreaming of log cabins, crisp walks in the woods, smoky bonfires and days and nights… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | July 2016

  Summer holidays are here, as is festival, camping, beach and city-break season. We’ve rounded up the best bits and pieces to take on your travels, so whether you opt for a staycation… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | June 2016

Father’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to show our dads, father figures, carers and guardians how much we care than dedicating June’s wish list to them? We’ve selected a mighty… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | May 2016

It’s that time again, friends and we certainly have a few treats in store. May’s motif was a tough one to call so in light of what we’ve been seeing a lot of… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | April 2016

April brings many happy occasions but none so special as YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s birthday. Well, we like to think so anyway. As this glorious series of sunny and showery days is our birthday… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | March 2016

Well, the bank holiday’s brought storms and sunshine in equal measures so what better theme for March’s wish list than spring in London? We’ve selected the freshest, floral and most perfect handmade and… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | February 2016

We know that February is well regarded as the month of love and we hope that you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day, however you spent it, but bigger things are at play here, guys.… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | January 2016

Happy New Year, one and all! Our wish list this month is a celebration of all things fresh and green but also a reminder to take care of ourselves and our beautiful surroundings.… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | December 2015

Christmas is coming, the goose (or me, or you, or whoever) is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny, a pound coin will… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | November 2015

This month’s wish list theme is peace, pastels and rainbows because we’re already thinking about the holidays and how important it is to stick together, be kind to one another and revel in life’s beauties.… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | October 2015

This month we’re celebrating all things Samhain and spooky with our Halloween wish list. October is obviously a beautiful month rife with autumn colour, fuzzy jumpers and delicious hot drinks, but we’re far… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | September 2015

Summer’s over guys, it’s official. To be totally honest, we don’t actually mind that much because with the onset of autumn, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a walk through red and orange leaves… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | August 2015

This month may be the last we see of the summer in London, but we’ve had a pretty good run, haven’t we? Among the best of our experiences are our trips to the… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | July 2015

July’s theme is fur friends. Usually we theme things around colours and the seasons but lately one of our greatest pleasures has been the company we keep and that company has been largely… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | June 2015

The arrival of summer can sometimes come as a bit of a shock here in London. Suddenly it’s hot and a bit sticky and jeans seem like a stupid idea, however you’ll lament… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | May 2015

This month’s theme is grand old Mexico. What with Cinco de Mayo an annual festival of Mexican heritage and pride having swept over the UK and banished our winter blues, the illustrious Frida… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | April 2015

Seeing as this month plays host to Emily’s birthday, April’s wish list is inspired by parties, presents, celebrations, and all the pleasant effects of growing riper, wiser and more gracefully aged. This month… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | March 2015

March is a truly great month, one of our favourites in fact. We’re feeling joyful thanks to the appearance of spring bulbs and blossoms. We’ve been enjoying the magnolia flowers and fresh scents… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | February 2015

Once again it’s time to reveal what we’re lusting after this month, and given that February is hotly tipped as the lustiest month, we’ve created a Valentine’s Wish List to honour the one… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | January 2015

In light of this month’s chilly reputation and the ominous January Blues setting in, our wish list is all about the blues. Whether you’re traversing through the bleak winter cold, or braving the sea… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | December 2014

All that glitters and serves as an inspiring or decorative sight, as well as general Christmas tradition, is the order of our wish list this month. We’ve sought out all things hand-made, cute,… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | November 2014

Remember, remember, our almost worrying preoccupation with November. This month, what with firework-filled celebrations and clear chilly nights, our wish list is inspired by Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkin-spiced-lattes, bonfires, cosy lighting, autumn colour (if you’re a country-dweller… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | October 2014

We have a confession to make… In the midst of September’s madness, busy toiling away on various projects, we omitted September’s wish list. We feel bad about it, honestly we do, but don’t… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | August 2014

Every month YGT releases a wish list in order to big up favourite creatives, makers, designers and independent publications. We like to shout about the things we’ve discovered, the things we love and… Continue reading

YGT WISH LIST | July 2014

We spend enough time raving about scintillating illustrated products over here to put you to sleep so rather than bore you with the details of every single print-maker, textile-nut and independent brand we… Continue reading