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Ellen Syrjala

Ellen Syrjala was raised in Kauniainen, Finland but her photographs feature scenes far from Finnish climes. Any Londoner, tourist or day-tripper who’s ever taken a wander through Ridley Road market or moseyed down… Continue reading

Izumi Miyazaki

Japanese photography student Izumi Miyazaki creates stunning self portraits that utilise surreal props and depict excellent, private scenarios. In striking colours, these images make up Izumi’s ever popular Tumblr. Started back in 2012, the now… Continue reading

YOU SHOULD VISIT The Lomography Store

Over the years analogue photography’s been through the mill. Whether proclaimed dead and archaic by techno-weirdos or hailed as the only way to shoot for real, actual film has largely been replaced with… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes

Jordan Curtis Hughes is a young photographer who at the tender age of 22 has flown all over the world shooting live shows with some of the world’s biggest artists. We first discovered… Continue reading

Ilka & Franz | Messy Food

Need a little cheering up this afternoon? You need look no further than Ilka & Franz’s latest photo project. Presented in a range of bright pastel palettes, the Austrian and German photography duo… Continue reading

Lenara Choudhury

Lenara Choudhury is a freelance fashion photographer whose perfect no-frills images have graced the pages of the best and brightest indie mags, shop fronts and lookbooks over the last couple of years. A soft… Continue reading

Conner Lyons

Conner Lyons is a photographer based in Seattle, USA. Shot using film, Conner’s photographs of fluid bodies surrounded by celestial light and manmade structures, striking juxtapositions and mellow scenes of urban movement and preoccupation bristle… Continue reading

Mark Harless

Fine art, fashion, flora, fauna, and femininity; these ingredients are vital to photograper Mark Harless’ images. With his inspiration rooted in magic, entropy, and the occult, Mark’s creations provide a striking look into realms unseen… Continue reading

Vikram Kushwah

Vikram Kushwah is a London-based photographer who dwells in dark dreams teeming with the magic of the natural world. Described as both romantic and surrealist in composition and subject matter, Vikram’s photographs are rich… Continue reading

Lauren Max

Lauren Max’s work is a very special pick that will inevitably bring you joy and untold creative inspiration. A Seattle based photographer with a flair for documenting the dynamic sparkle of the everyday,… Continue reading

Scott W Mason

A recent fashion photography graduate, Scott W Mason is storming the creative scene. Specialising in illustration and photography, Scott is dedicated to experimenting with and developing with new ways of combining these two art… Continue reading

The Instagram Book

Will the tensions between print and digital never cease? Will we every grow tired of transposing our art from one medium to another? Probably not, because let’s be honest, this act instills us… Continue reading

Ida Gust

Ida Gust is a marvel and the internet is a triumph. Everybody is better off today because technology has allowed me to get to know a little more about this wonderful Gothenburg-based artist… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Paul Crowther of Revolver Photo

Paul Crowther is a freelance photographer who works under the name, Revolver Photo, a reference to his favourite album by the Beatles. This title is an apt insight into his story, an inspiring one,… Continue reading

Spencer Heyfron X Angela Southern | This is New York

At some point in our browsing history, either on or offline, we’ve all come across a wash of lifestyle editorials that seek to encapsulate the identity of a particular city or area; photographs… Continue reading

Cayetano González

Cayetano González is a Spanish artist, cinematographer, editor and photographer whose images range from psychedelic mirrored creations to stark, far-reaching landscapes and intriguing mechanical objects. His work is a fantastic example of photography’s versatility as a creative… Continue reading

빨리! 빨리! | Sander Holsgens

Sander Holsgens is a photographer and freelance writer who explores contemporary Asian art and culture with his work. Based in the Netherlands, he attended the photo academy, and then graduated from programmes in Cultural… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes | 2013

Brummie raised and London living, Jordan Curtis Hughes is photographer with an ear firmly to the ground – or should that be an eye firmly on the viewfinder? Be it the dingy back… Continue reading

Louis Edwin Fry

Louis Edwin Fry is a photographer and videographer who hails from the UK. Brought to my attention by the lovely lot at Deer Brains, Louis’ work has a dreamy lo-fi aesthetic.  His great use… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Robert Darch

Robert Darch is a photographer and creative based in the South West of England. A documentary photography graduate from UWCN, Newport, the images he produces are honest, visceral and striking. Currently collaborating with… Continue reading

Alma Haser

Alma Haser is a photographer from the UK by way of Germany with a flair for composing and documenting uncanny scenes and creating excellent subversions of traditional portraiture. “Cosmic Surgery’, a series of… Continue reading

Cecilia Paredes

Peruvian artist Cecelia Paredes currently lives and works between Lima and Philadelphia, creating elegant pieces that interrogate our notions of reality, beauty and the origins of what we find attractive. Her work makes use… Continue reading

Helen Kirkbright

Helen Kirkbright is a London based fashion photographer, originally hailing from Greater Manchester. Her shots are a firm YGT favourite by virtue of the fact that they don’t appear to be straining to… Continue reading

Craig Schlewitz

Craig Schlewitz’s photography conjures up a shining visual narrative, blurred round the edges; a dreamscape, peppered with primitive, adolescent tropism and notions of the contemporary nomadic-flower-child. I love his photographs of landscape and… Continue reading