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10 Vegan Chocolate Brands to Know

Now more than ever, Easter is all about chocolate. According to a recent study, kids in the UK receive on average 8.8 Easter eggs per year and that friends, is a buttload of… Continue reading

HOW TO Live with Zero Waste

If you think the 5p plastic bag charge was the worst thing that ever happened to Britain, this piece probably isn’t for you. If, however, you share our sentiments about the importance of… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a Cherry Loves Rose Cocktail with Nauteas

The most romantic day of the year should be all about indulgence, right? Well, we think so anyway. After all, what’s Valentine’s Day without the mandatory elements of booze, chocolate and roses? We… Continue reading

The Best High Street Eats for Design Lovers

If you’ve made a tonne of money-saving resolutions this month and are trying not to break the bank by splurging on eating out, it’s likely you’ll end up looking to the high street for… Continue reading

HOW TO Make Healthy Winter Snack Bars with Aduna

It may be the start of another year but we’re not really into all this ‘new me’, ‘fresh start’ nonsense, especially when it comes to health and creativity. We’re always improving and although… Continue reading

5 Design-Friendly Dining Spots

Dining out in London is easy; you only have to wander a few paces from a tube station and you’ll be met with more options than you can shake a stick at. From… Continue reading

5 Creative Cafes You Should Visit

Whether for their welcoming atmosphere, freelance-friendly ethos or wicked interiors, we love London’s cafes. The perfect place to park and enjoy a rest from the city, throw ideas around, seek inspiration or settle… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a Rose Spritz Cocktail

In case you hadn’t noticed, the whole world’s gone crazy for rose water and we’re hardly surprised. Boasting numerous health benefits, a fresh and delicious smell and a pale-pink tone that looks lovely… Continue reading

Feast Festival | Kieron Lewis

Kieron Lewis is a graphic designer and creative entrepreneur whose enthusiasm for life sometimes makes us feel dizzy. Over the years we’ve witnessed him go from student magazine mogul to branding champ and… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a La Primavera Cocktail with Don Julio + i-D

Here at YGT we’ve recently been heavily into all things Mexican. Whether it’s homewares, food, music or fantastic illustrations and crafts, it’s likely that we’ve been loving it. Having just returned from our… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a Vegan Summer Dish with Italian Supper Club

This month we’ve teamed up with the marvellous Italian Supper Club, otherwise recognised as a group of passionate people who know how to eat right. Far from the fast-paced culture of many of London’s… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a Tea-Infused Cocktail with London Tea Club

For the latest edition of HOW TO we’ve teamed up with the wonderful London Tea Club to present a very special recipe for a speciality tea-infused cocktail. If you’re unfamiliar with what London… Continue reading

YOU SHOULD VISIT Harringay Local Store

Harringay Local Store is a rare gem. Their ‘Not Another Tesco’ slogan, and impressive collection of useful, UK produce holds the store up as a great example of conscientious independent shops popping up… Continue reading

BRAND TO KNOW: London Tea Club

The world is full of people who when faced with the challenge of writing a Twitter bio for themselves, search deep within their collective psyche, and recover only two emphatic, identifying words: tea-drinker.… Continue reading

HOW TO Make a Castle Dip Cocktail

YGT welcomes you to our latest and greatest feat yet, it’s a series of creative HOW TO posts, promised to be filled with delectable delights, handy tutorials and quick fixes. As we all know,… Continue reading