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YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Jade Spranklen

Jade Spranklen is an illustrator and 2D animation director known as Sprankenstein. Her wildly imaginative, free-flowing and often spooky style has become a trademark that’s easily recognisable on sites like ASOS and adorning anything from Doctor… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall is a talented illustrator and designer-maker based in Leicester. Balancing her freelance career and part-time work with our friends at Ohh Deer, Chloe creates wonderfully colourful illustrations inspired by lush petals and foliage… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Weaver + Designer Lucy of Peas and Needles

Lucy Davidson is a blogger, designer, small business owner and weaver from Brighton. Influenced by her home town, its eclectic charity shops, the relationship between handmade and digital and her fiancee, also a… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer-Maker Mel of Mellybee

Melanie Chadwick is a designer-maker and freelance illustrator based in the UK. Mel divides her time between creative work for businesses, licensing and commissions and designing and creating modern, eco-friendly products for her homeware and accessories… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer + Entrepreneur Lola Hoad

Lola Hoad is a letterer, designer and small business coach based in Brighton, and one of our favourite people of 2016. Not only has she successfully honed an aesthetic and strong message that’s… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer-Maker Emily Hayes

Emily Hayes is a freelance designer and illustrator based in the north of England. Her approach to creating handmade gifts, stationery and homewares is rooted in colour and experimentation, yielding playful and unique results. Emily’s… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Visual Artist Luis Dourado

Luis Dourado has been on our radar for a long while, not least because he’s one of the artists that kicked off our early interest in contemporary psychedelic and manipulated images. Born in… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Alice Mayor of We Built This City

We recently visited a remarkable shop on Carnaby Street. You’ve probably heard of it, and if you haven’t you’d do well to have a read of YOU SHOULD VISIT We Built This City… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer-Maker Fleur de Carotte

After admiring Fleur de Carotte’s creations on Instagram and running into the designer/maker behind the brand at one of the Brighton Etsy team’s wonderful market events, we got to know her a little… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Michael Parkin

Michael Parkin is an inspiring illustrator based in Kingston by way of a small town called Farnham. A first class grad from Kingston University, Michael now works as an exceptional freelance illustrator and… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Surface Designer Katy Welsh

Katy Welsh is a print designer based between Bristol and Yorkshire. Currently studying Printed Textiles at Leeds College of Art, her style is already instantly recognisable and never fails to brighten its surroundings. Influenced by… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes

Jordan Curtis Hughes is a young photographer who at the tender age of 22 has flown all over the world shooting live shows with some of the world’s biggest artists. We first discovered… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Jen of Inky Collective

If you’re a fan of all things print and design, chances are you’ll have heard of Inky Collective, a blog and letterpress business run by London-based printer and writer Jen Wright. Inky Collective… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Ben Rothery

Ben Rothery is an illustrator and surface designer who hails from Norwich Via Capetown. He now works on his intricate creations, with a small team, from his studio in the picturesque town of Bath.… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator, Designer + Printmaker Michael van Kekem

Michael van Kekem is name that you might just recognise, not least because he’s a very talented illustrator, designer and printmaker, but also because he’s part of our own creative collective. Based in… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Hayley + Nathan of No Guts No Glory

No Guts No Glory is a shop, studio and gallery space, agency and awesome collective set up by Exeter creatives Nathan and Hayley Maker. These two not only possess a wealth of know-how… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Olivia Bossert of Atlas Magazine

There are many magazines in the world but not many editors can attest to their publication being as well-loved by its loyal readers and supporters as one mag in particular. Atlas Magazine is… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Laura + Tom of Jolly Edition

Jolly Edition is a illustration studio and stationery emporium founded by Laura Shema and Tom Hart. After getting married in 2011 the creative couple launched their business, flitting between the UK and US and eventually… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Visual Artist Brandon E Cannon

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Brandon E Cannon is a talented artist from New York City. A creative with a keen eye for colour compositions and a flair for mixed… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Jonathan Mitchell of Brothers We Stand

We’re making a statement today and it’s one that we hope you’ll get on board with. This week the British Fashion Council have brought us London Collections: Men, and naturally, the whole world… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Visual Artist Andy DeCola

Andy DeCola is a vastly inspiring and innovative artist. His work explores a range of abstract ideas and employs a stunning mix of materials and themes. Andy grew up in the small town of… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Ceramicist and Designer Nicola Suckling

In the world of ceramics, there are a few key movements and styles that have us crushing all over the shop of late. We’re loving kitschy up-cycled blue and white chintz, ombre desert-inspired… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Sarah Menzies of The Feline Foundation

The Feline Foundation is a fantastic initiative and non-profit organisation that has grown into an unstoppable force for good by way of three of our favourite things; positivity, creativity and cats. Founded by… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Look & Yes Creators of Made You Look

Look & Yes are a production company with big ideas and high hopes. They are also the creators of a brand new documentary geared towards acknowledging a talented movement of creatives who extol their talents… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Kieron Lewis of The Profile Book

The Profile Book is a creative digital platform that is taking the web by storm. An artist profile site from which creatives can showcase their work, it has more recently has been transposed… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Gill Chantler

We had the pleasure of meeting Gill Chantler at The House of Illustration fair earlier this summer and fell in love with her work. It’s bright, bold and features a fantastic use of shape… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS the Creators of Shore Projects

Happy accidents are blissful. They’re part of what makes life enjoyable and give us cause to nod to something or other in appreciation of new and insightful discoveries. Running YGT generally means that… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS the Creators of Cred Ethical Jewellery

Cred Jewellery is a big name, though not for the reasons you’d expect. A little-known organisation as far as glossy mags and fashion bloggers are concerned, Cred happen to be the UK’s original 100%… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Ben Phe

Back in 2012, I wrote a piece for the illustrious Middle Boop Mag, on the work of Benjamin Evenett AKA Ben Phe, a multidisciplinary artist whose work is a fantastic fusion of fine… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Paul Crowther of Revolver Photo

Paul Crowther is a freelance photographer who works under the name, Revolver Photo, a reference to his favourite album by the Beatles. This title is an apt insight into his story, an inspiring one,… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Biff Studio

Skateboarding demons, goo-monsters and some top-notch typography, Biff is a talented illustrator with an unbeatable reputation and a wild imagination. From his home in Weymouth, Biff spends his time dreaming up images that… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Designer Kieron Lewis

Kieron Lewis is a graphic designer and creative who since last being featured by YOUNG GOLD TEETH has been up to an awful lot. From working on Plog: The Paper Log for Art… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Jo Cheung

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Jo Cheung, a talented illustrator and designer currently residing in the North of England. A mix of characterful animals, detailed embellishments and cheerful colour… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Jordan Curtis Hughes | 2013

Brummie raised and London living, Jordan Curtis Hughes is photographer with an ear firmly to the ground – or should that be an eye firmly on the viewfinder? Be it the dingy back… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator Nate Kitch

Nate Kitch is an award-winning illustrator and designer from the UK represented by Eastwing. His work is a great conglomeration of hand-drawn and digital geometric shapes and patterns, collage, typography and photography. Looking to… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Photographer Robert Darch

Robert Darch is a photographer and creative based in the South West of England. A documentary photography graduate from UWCN, Newport, the images he produces are honest, visceral and striking. Currently collaborating with… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Illustrator alphawham

alphawham, or Paul Clay as he’s also known, is an illustrator from Staffordshire who believes in keeping it simple, putting pencil to any variety of paper, creating quirky, comic character developments. His work… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Visual Artist Dan Cimmermann

Dan Cimmermann is a talented artist based in the UK. we love his paintings, which are a wonderful conglomeration of subject matter and figurative interpretation. A bricolage made up of varied layers of… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Collage Artist Kieran Sperring

Kieran Sperring is a UK-based collage artist whose fusion of found imagery with contemporary scenery is among some of the most magnetic and striking we’ve come across. Each image also tells a story or… Continue reading