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Intern Magazine

Every now and then something special comes along that puts a twinkle in our eyes and a fire under our butts. That is to say, we feel inspired and ready to make, do… Continue reading

Ugly Belgian Houses

Having spent a year in the Netherlands and made plenty of day trips to Belgium, we know how bizarre the architecture in these places can be. From strange pitched bungalows to odd concrete… Continue reading

Bitchin’ Bugs

Playful illustrations, neon paper and hidden infographics; who said grown-up books were no fun? The hefty reference tomes of days gone by are being replaced by bright, immersive and totally unique publications. Bitchin’ Bugs by… Continue reading

5 Indie Mags You Should Be Reading

Ah the internet, a great source of inspiring words and pictures and equal amounts of trolling and nonsense. We love it, mostly because it’s where YOUNG GOLD TEETH lives, but sometimes we do… Continue reading

The Sad Ghost Club

The Sad Ghost Club describe themselves as a creative project, which by our standards sounds far too humble. The team create comic books and zines, branded clothing and merchandise to spread positive awareness… Continue reading


The design-loving maestros at People of Print have gone and done something innovative. In fact they’ve been doing it for seven long months now. Perhaps this is the grand answer to miserly questions… Continue reading

Write Nothing In Here | Seema Sharma

Summoning your creativity when your brain just wants you to watch Netflix and your body is demanding to stay in pyjamas for as much as the day as possible is tough, and it’s… Continue reading

Collage and Keep | Eleanor Shakespeare

Combine a collection of our favourite things and you’ll be left with a blend of fantastical narratives, negative spaces, tactile text, bright colours and textural illustrations. How lucky then, that Eleanor Shakespeare happens… Continue reading


Hoxton Mini Press have been popping up all over the shop of late and no wonder. With a focus on the unique climate of east London and a generous flair for putting together… Continue reading

The Gorgeous Colouring Book For Grown-Ups

If you’re a creative sort that isn’t lucky enough to regularly revel in the luxury of working to your own schedule, it can be tough finding time to kick back and enjoy simple… Continue reading


Papersmiths is a book and stationery shop nestled happily in the heart of Bristol’s Clifton Village. The store sells carefully curated items from cutting edge designers and illustrators from all over the world. Though it was the outstanding… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Olivia Bossert of Atlas Magazine

There are many magazines in the world but not many editors can attest to their publication being as well-loved by its loyal readers and supporters as one mag in particular. Atlas Magazine is… Continue reading

Heads, Faces And Other Weirdos a Book by Mat Roff

Heads, Faces And Other Weirdos | The Art of Mat Roff is a new book featuring a selection of work by creative and illustrator Mat Roff. This is Mat’s  first ‘Art of’ book containing… Continue reading

Strange Plants a Book by Zioxla

Strange Plants is a stunning celebration of a few of our favourite things, in book form. It is, as you might imagine, an exploration of the great value of plants in the everyday… Continue reading

Cute Yum a Book by Mel Stringer

This year we’re getting excited about books; real print, the smell of press, comics, compendiums, paper and all things inky, tactile and physical. Sounds scintillating, doesn’t it? We’re working hard to spot the… Continue reading

The Instagram Book

Will the tensions between print and digital never cease? Will we every grow tired of transposing our art from one medium to another? Probably not, because let’s be honest, this act instills us… Continue reading

YGT INTERVIEWS Kieron Lewis of The Profile Book

The Profile Book is a creative digital platform that is taking the web by storm. An artist profile site from which creatives can showcase their work, it has more recently has been transposed… Continue reading

Shelving The Body a Book by Soapbox Press

Soapbox Press, as well as being dear friends of ours, are a far-reaching platform for the creative voice. Their aim to support art graduates and innovative projects of all disciplines mirrors our own,… Continue reading

Bimba Girl Comics by Donya Todd

You may recognise the name Donya Todd from YOUNG GOLD TEETH features of yore and you’d be correct in thinking that she is a firm favourite and a very talented creative. Marvellous as… Continue reading