YGT WISH LIST | September 2017


It’s September, or ‘back to school’ season, which for me means getting to grips with the fact that we’re nearing the final throes of 2017 and considering that it’s never too late for a fresh start. It’s time to take stock and get our butts in gear which is why this month’s wish list is all about wellness, feeling good and being kinder to ourselves.

As grown-ups, we’re not blessed with a clean slate every September, but we can always use the oncoming autumn as an excuse to treat ourselves better and kickstart good habits. I’ve rounded up a few bits and pieces to make going ‘back to school’ and doing our best a little bit easier.

1. If like me, you weren’t quite sure about enjoying a smoothie as a meal rather than more traditionally as a drink, you’ll be forgiven for considering the logistics of a smoothie bowl. Imagine my delight when Revolicious boiled it down for me with their revolutionary (sorry) new goodies.

These little smoothie pots are more like puddings than drinks and are packed with the good stuff. Think vegan treats topped with coconut flakes, goji berries and pumpkin seeds. I love the pink pot with berries, creamy coconut and banana with a hint of rosewater. Pop one of these babies in your bag for a healthy breakfast or yummo afternoon treat.

2. Snack number two, because of course if we’re talking about ‘self care’ and being the best versions of ourselves we need all the tasty snacks we can get. Deliciously Ella energy balls have been top of our list as a brilliant post work-out/forgot to eat breakfast/starving and need something now fix for some time.

One of my favourite flavours from Ella the queen of clean eating is the jazzy coconut and oat ball, blended with dates and seeds. These treats are all vegan friendly and if you don’t fancy buying them pre-packed from a shop, just head to the Deliciously Ella website for a few of the recipes and whip up your own.

3. I‘ve said this before and we’ll say it again: plastic bottles are horrible for us and for the environment so don’t use them! Now I’m done making you feel bad for your life choices, here’s something to help you feel better. I’m a big fan of sustainable drinking bottles and one of my favourite brands is available in the UK from brilliant design store Amara.

This 18/8 stainless steel bottle is from S’well. It’s adorned with a tropical Resort Oahu print, finished with a glossy outer layer and features double walled insulation and a mouth wide enough to pop in a few ice cubes or pieces of fruit. Perfect for working out, travelling or just your day-to-day, it can keep liquids cool for up to 24 hours or warm for 12. Now, what were you saying about your plastic bottle?

4. What’s a running sesh, a trip to the gym or a long commute without a playlist of brilliant tunes to motivate you? I love the statement-making power of a pair of big cans so my pick for the perfect pair of headphones is a nice set by Urbanears. The new Plattan 2 collection is touted as the grown-up version of Urbanears’ classic headphone style.

I rather like it, especially in a Comet Green or Powder Pink shade. Expect soft, tactile coverings making the headphones more comfortable and some nifty little features like a built-in mic and remote and a ZoundPlug so you can plug in another pair of headphones and share your music. I’ve popped a few more colours of this Scandi-inspired model on my Christmas list.

5. If you’re here for self improvement, might I suggest a wicked read to inspire you? Om Nom Magazine is a brand new independent publication that we’re just crazy about. Founded on the notion that enjoying a plant-based diet needn’t be expensive, difficult or boring, Om Nom are sharing what it means to eat better; from sourcing ingredients and shopping locally to experimenting with new recipes and embracing a cruelty-free diet.

Sink your teeth into issue one, in which the team explore how people are redefining the food traditions they grew up with and where to head for the best vegan grub. Om Nom Nom, I salute you.

6. Are you being kind enough to your vagina? No, seriously. Are you? Thanks to ace new body-loving brand TOTM, I had good long think about this and decided to ditch my usual period products in favour of organic, biodegradable pads and tampons. If you use pads, liners and tampons during your period, chances are, your standard shop-bought items aren’t going to be made with organic cotton and are probably going to contain chemical additives that might be harmful to your bits.

Plus, if like us, you often feel guilty about how many of your used products must end up in landfill but aren’t into going full Mooncup just yet, you’ll be happy to know that every product from TOTM biodegrades so you can rest a little easier and feel a bit better. Periods are hard enough, right?

7. I’ve tried a tonne of cruelty-free skincare products in the past few months in a bid to find the best and most effective for our money and honestly, there’s one thing that we keep coming back to. At first I was a little suspicious of anything that contained ‘acid’ but the more we learnt about the benefits, and the more I used Pixi Glow Tonic, the better my skin felt. A gentle exfoliator made from glycolic acid, aloe vera and ginseng, this toner is a bit of a miracle worker. Grab yourself a bottle and get your glow on in time for autumn, why don’t you?

8. Finally, a little something for your moments of calm. I’ve often been put off in classes by dirty mats. Allowing my mind to wander from the pure meditative state I’m supposed to be channelling and instead, dwelling on the many pairs of feet that have trodden and sweated into the fibres beneath my face whilst in pigeon pose.

I like to bring my own mat to class these days, or just practice sweating at home onto a half decent one and my pick is a Yogi Bare Teddy Yoga Mat in a jazzy green palm print. You can grab one of these lovely anti-slip accessories from Fashercise, and by the way, when I say anti-slip I really mean it. These mats boast ultra grip technology which stops you from sliding around when your hands get wet or sweaty. These mats are also machine washable, which is nice too. Y’know, after all that sweating. Namaste, friends.


Words: Emily Beeson | @boogiemargaret