Letterbox Surprises with Not Another Bill


The good weather is finally here and with it comes an opportunity to accessorise as only a dutiful creative can. Thanks to our friends at Not-Another-Bill, we’ve discovered See Concept, a super-cool French company specialising in innovative eyewear. Just before we launch into all the reasons we love See Concept’s colourful and creative designs and of course, their unique philosophy, allow us tell you a little of Not-Another-Bill‘s story.

Getting a carefully curated and beautifully wrapped present in the post is the sort of thing that makes us tear up with joy so it was a most happy union when we met Not-Another-Bill. The service aims to eliminate the sad, sinking feeling of only receiving bills and takeaway menus through your letterbox in an era where snail mail is dwindling.

In 2011, Not-Another-Bill’s founder Ned Corbett-Winder had the bright idea of introducing subscribers to exclusive items from great artists, designers and brands whilst giving them something exciting to open each month. We’re behind this idea one hundred percent. It’s original, affordable and presents an opportunity to celebrate, support and discover new designers and makers on a regular basis.

June’s offering from Not-Another-Bill has arrived just in time for the sun. Wrapped in spotted cardboard, foil stickers and tissue paper, it’s the closest thing to a birthday present from someone who really cares for you as you’re likely to be sent on a monthly basis. With added postcards and a monogrammed envelope bearing a lovely little message and a few clues as to what’s nestled inside the package, the box itself scores top marks with us and no-doubt with stationery and typography fans alike.


This month, Not-Another-Bill has teamed up with See Concept to present subscribers with a lightweight and flexible pair of matte, dappled sunglasses in a sleek drawer box. The whole idea behind See Concept’s glasses is to blend innovation with peerless design to create eyewear that, like an art object, represents form and function.

The original creators of magnetic glasses for the kitchen or studio, screen glasses for creatives married to their laptops and UV protection that blends vintage style with contemporary minimalism, the company offers a truly refreshing alternative to dull square frames and worryingly delicate construction.

We love the smooth grey felt slip case belonging to our pair, however, Not-Another-Bill have taken their knowledge of artisanal design to new levels by including a bespoke glasses case of their own making in June’s box. Crafted from soft embossed leather, this little pouch comes in its own dust bag with an optional carry strap and rose-gold hardware. It really is a thing of beauty so we recommend carrying more inside it than just your sunnies.

We can’t wait to unwrap the next surprise box. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying those glorious June rays with the help of our trusty See Concept lenses and beautiful leather case. Not-Another-Bill’s monthly subscription service is a great personal pick-me-up but we really like the idea of buying a few month’s worth of boxes for friends and family to celebrate special occasions. You can’t go wrong with a decent pair of shades and there are plenty of gorgeous one-off presents in the N.A.B shop too. We’re coveting everything with little to no shame.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth