5 Indie Mags You Should Be Reading


My favourite magazines feature a broad mix of subjects but all have one thing in common: they’re independent. Launched by poets, writers, photographers and activists with a shedload of talent and drive, these publications are run on hard work and great ideas. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the teams behind each one, even being interviewed by some, and can safely say that if you’re not yet reading these wonderful titles, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice.

Sister Magazine

Sister Magazine is the first of my independent picks and with good reason. Launched by Beccy Hill, the London-based mag is a mix of girl power-themed editorials, feminist dialogue and intelligent reviews. Peppered with wry humour and unapologetic interviews, the magazine provides a platform for creatives who challenge mainstream perceptions of gender and who I’m very keen to hear from. Available at stockists across the UK in Bath, Bristol, London and further afield, I’m proud to have been featured in one of the magazine’s online issues. Discover every stockist and find the one closest to you on the publication’s Facebook page, grab the latest issue here and follow exciting and inspiring goings on by following Sister on Twitter and Instagram.

Hotdog Magazine

Is your kind of poetry insurgent, radical or just really bloody clever? Hotdog Magazine is probably for you. A wonderfully tongue-in-cheek publication run by two writerly pals with a vast knowledge of dissenting modern verse, the pages of this mag soften the tension between print and digital. Meeting at the intersection between obscure Tumblr communities, Indesign in-jokes and college periodicals, Hotdog is totally unique. Focusing on writing by and for women, the mag is available online and stocked at Magculture, a stone’s throw from Islington Museum. I’m eagerly awaiting the expert editors’ second issue and suggest that until its release, you follow Hotdog on Instagram and Twitter for intellectual giggles and zero fucks given.


The Fourth Trimester

Don’t you wish there was mummy magazine that wasn’t a bizarre fusion of breast pumps and airbrushing? Enter The Fourth Trimester. Run by creative mum Amy with a passion for the realness, this is a brand new independent mag now touting its bold second issue. Filled with illustrations, stories and lifestyle inspiration for new mothers or anyone interested in life after birth, I love the pared-down design and sweet additions like T-shirts and pins. With the first issue illustrated by my friend and design whizz Chloe Hall, this publication is a testament to the unrivalled power of new mums. Find your copy here, get in touch with Amy here and of keep up with all things beautiful and how to deal on Instagram and Twitter.

Orlando Magazine

Orlando Magazine may be the new kid on the block but it sure means business. Bursting with socio-political dialogue, cultural theory and satisfying subversion, this mag is surely for everyone to enjoy. It’s smart, engaging and inclusive in all the ways we wish mainstream art publications could be and as such, I’m  a little obsessed. Having recently celebrated the launch of its first issue, the magazine founded and edited by Philomela Epps, covers all the grizzly, eye-opening and necessary subjects and displays exactly the kind of writing that I celebrate and support. More please, Orlando. Pick up your copy and treat yourself to a little online reading here and show your love by following on Instagram and Twitter too.

intern magazine

Intern Magazine

For me, Intern Magazine is a must read. The publication, a sleek and beautifully-designed package of fresh ideas and unique projects, presents a fair, frank and balanced view of the creative industries and the world of work. By drawing on the experiences and points of view of a variety of people, from employers to interns themselves from around the world, the magazine succeeds in presenting a balanced and compelling discourse on a relatively controversial set of themes. We also love their perfectly-appropriated slogan: fuck you, pay me.

So there you have it, my top five, each bearing the YGT seal of approval. Now that the sun’s more or less out here in the UK, its pretty hard to gaze into that phone screen for you daily info fix and woe betide anyone who thinks that working on their laptop on a sunny day is as easy as it looks. No, what you want is the real thing. Delectable, paper-based goodness. I’m happy to share the best of independent publications with you and in doing so, support the flourishing creative scene and its hardworking writers.



Words: Emily Beeson | @boogiemargaret