Discover the Beautifully Disturbing Photography of Izumi Miyazaki


Japanese photography student Izumi Miyazaki creates stunning self portraits that utilise surreal props and depict excellent, private scenarios. In striking colours, these images make up Izumi’s ever popular Tumblr. Started back in 2012, the now twenty year old creative’s image feed is a breath of fresh air.

Whether it’s sardine eyebrows or creepy evil twins you’re into, Izumi’s photography takes the viewer on a bizarre and gratifying visual journey. Creating imaginary worlds filled with odd doubles and circumstances, Izumi’s collaged work is inspired by street photography, subversion, vintage style and bright colours.

Deadpan, cute and often described as being all about the selfies, I’m a fan of her delightfully weird universe. To be honest, I don’t see much that’s ‘selfie’ other than the subject about Izumi’s work; there’s a distinct lack of iPhone-ery or cringe reality to her images and that’s what I love most about them.

Making yourself the subject of your photos means no limits but Izumi’s images aren’t overzealous in the slightest. The perfect balance of pastel shades and unnerving features, these compositions are where it’s at. Bookmark them for when you’re having a rough day and they’ll transport you to better places. At least, I think that’s the idea.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @boogiemargaret