The Trippy Collages of Vesna Vrdoljak


Vesna Vrdoljak is a self-taught collage artist who combines found images to create new realities. Living and working in Amsterdam, Vesna describes her collages as, ‘simple and stylish’. Working solely using magazines, old photos and pieces of paper, Vesna creates analogue collages using traditional cut and paste techniques. Everything is cut and glued by hand and merged in response to her instincts; nothing is ever pre-planned.

Vesna works mainly with old magazines, in particular National Geographics from the sixties. This very specific collection of vintage images affects reimagined narratives of Vesna’s work and subjects from aged photographs often find themselves in strange and unfamiliar settings.

Inspired by electronic music, bold images by other artists, and film sets, Vesna looks for ideas in all sorts of media. She also cites inventive and independent magazines, fashion designers, patterns in nature and space and museums of modern art as having an impact on her work. Living in Amsterdam must also, because she describes city life as a constant source of new concepts and subject-matters.


With a degree in European Film Aesthetics, Vesna has enjoyed a varied career in film distribution, working on film festivals, and on marketing for art projects. Her own experience of the creative industries is somewhat like a collage in itself.

She says, ‘I’m always looking for aesthetic relationships between seemingly unrelated subjects. I look for colour combinations and graphic balance in all things. What I really like is taking a subject out of its context to create a fresh one.’

A love for collaboration means that Vesna’s collages have taken her to exciting new places, forging new narratives, real and imagined, along the way. Keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @boogiemargaret