HOW TO Make a Cherry Loves Rose Cocktail with Nauteas

Illustration by Chloe Hall

The most romantic day of the year should be all about indulgence, right? Well, we think so anyway. After all, what’s Valentine’s Day without the mandatory elements of booze, chocolate and roses? We teamed up with a little gourmet tea company called Nauteas (and no the value of that sexy Valentine’s pun is not lost on us) to share a love-themed cocktail created by the company’s own founder and blend expert.

The Cherry Loves Rose can be made with gin or with vodka, depending on your tastes, but our advice is to avoid gins that taste too strongly of other botanicals and are crazy heavy on juniper flavour. Stick to light flavours with your spirits to allow the cherry and rose notes to come through properly. You’re aiming for a balance of sweet scents and natural flavours with a nice floral finish and a hint of tart from the cranberry.

Now, this cocktail is tea-based, however it’s made with a rooibos blend, making it completely caffeine free. Nauteas’ Cherry Loves Rose isn’t actually a tea at all, it’s a tisane made from rose petals, cherry pieces and redbush tea leaves from South Africa. So, put the kettle on, gather your ingredients and whether you’re throwing a party or enjoying a romantic evening in, enjoy a few refreshing, rose-scented coolers on 14th February.

You Will Need

100ml of Cherry Loves Rose tea. Brewed for three-to-for minutes and cooled.

100ml of cranberry juice, ideally a pure juice, not a juice drink.

1 tablespoon of rose syrup.

30ml a light vodka or gin.

Crushed ice.

A sprig of fresh mint.

A slice of lemon.

As many straws as you need.


This one is ridiculously simple to mix and make. To make one cocktails, simply add each ingredient to a tall glass, starting with your chosen spirit and your rose syrup. Then add the juice, and tea and mix everything together with a spoon. You’ll want to fill the glass to about halfway so there’s room for the ice.

Next add your crushed ice. It’s pretty easy to crush ice at home, or wherever you’re preparing the drink. Pop a few cubes into a freezer bag and give them a bash with a rolling pin. Or, if you’re fancy and happen to have a boston and an ice crusher, simply use these to crush up the cubes to a nice consistency.

Add the ice to your glass and heap it up a little at the top. At this stage you’ll have a delicious-smelling drink that resembles a big, pink slushie. Lend it a little class with a nice sprig of mint, and pop a slice of lemon on the side to garnish it too. Make as many of these as you like and serve with a straw. We’d tell you to drink responsibly but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and these mixes are delicious, so whatever, go wild.