Meet Silk Screen Artist La Shuks


La Shuks is the pseudonym of artist Katie Mac, a silkscreen printer, doodler and collagist, based in the UK. Her unusual title refers to Inukshuks, ancient stone landmarks used to denote points of reference for navigation in the wildernesses of Arctic North America. The idea behind this is that there are such touchstones in each of Katie’s works, which usually depict wild scenes embellished with colourful swirls and vectors.

Having grown up in Korea, Hong Kong and Dubai, many influences from the years spent in these places can be seen in Katie’s works; Asian graphics, advertising and packaging merge with her personal forecasts of future worlds. Marrying scenic photography with bright geometric patterns, Katie imagines an abstract, dystopian Earth, overrun with logos and symbols.

Using silkscreen printing techniques, she layers each piece, using images from her travels to Canada, North America and further afield, adding origami-esque embellishments which are in turn, individually printed. Alternatively, neon squiggles and swathes of bright illustrative colour juxtapose serene shots of lakes and mountains. The results are eye-catching, dreamlike and unique.

Represented by Liberty Gallery, a London-based roving space showcasing modern and experimental multidisciplinary works, La Shuks’ pieces are in good company. You can find Katie’s work at the gallery’s pop ups at events such as The Affordable Art Fair. Keep up with LaShuks on Instagram and via the Liberty Gallery Twitter feed.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth