Must Read: The Sad Ghost Club Zine


The Sad Ghost Club describe themselves as a creative project, which by our standards sounds far too humble. The team create comic books and zines, branded clothing and merchandise to spread positive awareness of mental health. Their presence on social media is a comfort to many, ourselves included, and their unwavering sense of humour is on point. So, by our definition they’re a powerful force for good and make a huge impact on creative types around the world.

This year’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek theme is relationships. This has reminded us that we should be thanking the organisations and projects, however big or small, that help creatives through their struggles. As such, we thought it the perfect time to introduce you to The Sad Ghost Club. Aside from designing and creating poignant zines and rad sweatshirts, the team work with mental health charities and collaborate with artists to spread awareness of mental health issues, offer support and deconstruct stigma.

Working as an artist, maker or freelancer can be isolating. Your creative mind can sometimes take you places you’d rather not be visiting and your schedule can be forever against you. While for some, it’s easy to go it alone, for others is simply isn’t. The Sad Ghost Club don’t sugarcoat these problems. They present and tackle them with a no bullshit approach and often with a tender and helpful honesty.

We love hand-drawn comics and embroidered patches but even closer to our hearts are the workshops and talks on mental health and emotional well-being that The Sad Ghost Club host. An opportunity to talk with others, get crafty and feel more at ease, these events are all listed on the TSGC website. If craft club isn’t your thing but you’re still interested in the communities’ experiences and what the project does, their blog is a great place to find stories, artwork and advice that hits home.

Thank you to The Sad Ghost Club for assuring us that it’s ok to be sad and that we all have the power to be our best selves – even if that just means a day of duvet, pizza and cats. From sticker packs, hats and totes to The Guide to Self Care and Making Friends zines, we’re big fans of founders Laura and Lize, their inspirational messages and great use of creativity to support others.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth