Beautiful Abstract Paintings by Jen Sievers

Jen Sievers Abstract Painting Art Blog

Jen Sievers is an artist and graphic designer who hails from the Waitakere ranges of Auckland in New Zealand. With a talent for creating serene abstract works that gently fizz with colour, her pieces are now great favourites of ours. Jen studied fine arts before deciding to leave university to get to grips with a career in graphic design which she’s been enjoying for over 10 years.

These days, after finding inspiration in the mountains around her home, painting is back in the foreground of her creative world and we’re glad of it. Balancing her love for paint with her work as a designer, Jen uses acrylics, canvas, wood blocks and perspex to create her pieces.

Exploring human emotion and movement, there’s something magnetic and exciting about her paintings. A blend of blocked colours and brushstrokes, every work is inspired by different clashes of form, colour and texture in the natural world or that Jen spots day-to-day.

Selling her pieces on Etsy, Jen’s work is admired all over the world and decks the homes of creative types from here in London to Los Angeles. Her Facebook page shares everything from works in progress to news and updates, while her Instagram feed is the perfect place for a hit of colour-heavy inspiration with a peppering of breathtaking shots of New Zealand’s landscape.

Jen’s work is a great example of how creativity can thrive alongside a day job and how colour can improve your mood in an instant. We love how each piece evokes a positive emotional response and how the texture of canvas shows through both light and dark layers. This truly is the stuff of dreams.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth