YGT WISH LIST | April 2016

young gold teeth lifestyle blog wish list

April brings many happy occasions but none so special as YOUNG GOLD TEETH’s birthday. Well, we like to think so anyway. As this glorious series of sunny and showery days is our birthday month, we’ve decided to dedicate our wish list to good old fashioned parties, beautiful gifts and springtime celebrations. We’ve rounded up the most delectable bites, decorations and magical items from designer/makers and independent businesses so get your confetti cannons ready and let’s do this.

1. Rosie Moss creates lovely repeating patterns that fit so perfectly onto stationery and homewares it’s almost too good to be true. While we love her naturally inspired pieces, this Crown of Flowers cushion is something a little different. Influenced by vintage children’s books and silk screen printed onto linen woven in the UK, this blue piece is a breath of fresh air. The colour is so vivid, the flowers so delicate, and the whole thing just reminds us of home down by the Sussex coast.

2. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves and our pals that we’re doing ok. Be that at the pre-party, during a knees-up or following one when things are a little quieter and more sombre. Show someone you’re a fan and perk them up with this canvas You’re Rad wall pennant by It’s Ok Kid of Brighton. A simple yet very effective gift that we’d be happy to receive.

3. Kitty McCall‘s creations have long been at the top of our private wish lists and of course, are always on hand when we need to shop for our loved ones. Every colourful design is a great fusion of print and colour with great silhouettes and cute messages. This birthday card is one of our favourites.

4. What does every celebration need? Aside from cake… It’s obviously balloons. We hate to jump on bandwagons but huge squiggly, metallic ones are pretty great, especially of they spell out something personal. The Party Postman‘s silver letter balloons are awesome. We might just cop some for every occasion from now until the end of the year.

5. The Workbench London is one of the city’s best crafty initiatives. Staging workshops around London, their get-togethers are focused on handmade, unique style and all things precious – be they memories or what you take home to wear on your fingers and toes. The founders also send out nifty gift boxes with all the essentials you’ll need to make your own ring in a metal of your choice. A few of these would make for a great night at home with your favourites or a very special present.

6. There’s no celebration without a sweet treat or two and as you know, we only go in for the most beautifully packaged. Coco is an artisan chocolatier based in Edinburgh. The company specialises in making ethically traded, organic chocolate and sells it from three cute stores. One of Scotland’s first chocolatiers, Coco’s chocolate is hand-crafted and hand-wrapped. Special, no?

7. What better to sip your party beverage from than these hand-cast and dipped porcelain cups by Danish Studio Arhoj. From brilliant lifestyle store DOWSE, these babies come in a range of joyous colours which are chosen at random by the shop and sent to you. All the thrill of pass-the-parcel, without the pesky risk of losing.

8.  Now here’s a delightful gift, the third edition of Wilderness zine by Jeez Vanilla – otherwise known as Stockholm-based illustrator Adriana. The zine features beauty in all it’s forms, well, mainly stunning badass women and lush vegetation but you can’t say fairer than that really, can you?




Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth