Must Read: Posterzine by People of Print


The design-loving maestros at People of Print have gone and done something innovative. In fact they’ve been doing it for seven long months now. Perhaps this is the grand answer to miserly questions about the value and ephemerality of printed matter or perhaps its just something fairly gorgeous to look at. Whatever its purpose, we’re fans of Posterzine.

Whether it’s because of the rising nostalgia of rifling through tween magazines to reveal pull-outs of horses in fields and tie-dye monstrosities or the inspiring quality of the subject matter featured each and every month, Posterzine or ‘the magazine that’s also a poster’ if you want the formal logistics, is our kind of publication.

A cleverly devised A1 format poster which folds down into an A4 monograph, the publication’s first edition arrived on the scene in September 2015. It featured a fantastic interview with Eike König and some typographic treats to boot. Since then, we’ve seen all manner of design-led features on the likes of Kate Moross, Anthony Burrill and Erik Kessels, as well as wonderfully inventive colorways and layouts, reminding us of the joy that print is capable of eliciting.

Registered with The British Library on account of its classic magazine-like character and content, the non-traditional folding techniques and format set Posterzine and its creators apart from the conventional publishing crowd. The latest edition features a very special fusion of black and gold ink, which in case you hadn’t already guessed, we’ve been particularly excited about.

Printed by Pressision Ltd using two special Pantone ink colours for each issue, Posterzine is a gem. Albeit one you’ll have to unframe or take down from the wall if you want to read it again. We’d say the two minutes you’ll spend doing that will be totally worth it. Plus, the paper smells amazing. Discover every edition, the new Killer Acid issue and the many more to come in People of Print’s Department Store here.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth