Top Five: Activewear Picks


Our latest Look Kit is inspired by calming, restorative yoga classes, weights sessions that leave you feeling like a million bucks, the unending pain of morning runs and all the WTF wellness moments we’ve ever experienced. We’ve rounded up the very best activewear and accessories for those of you on a health kick this year. Made in the UK or at least very well-loved over here on our side of the pond, these bits and pieces put salmon-toned, skin-tight gym wear to shame.

1. Our favourite activewear brand Lexi Sport is sadly no-longer creating statement pieces for sweaty moments but luckily you can still cop their British-made designs at Wolf & Badger. How about the The Anita leggings? Swap your boring black pair for a style that speaks volumes on your creative flair. We’re done with not feeling like ourselves in anything remotely sporty.

are amazing; from their complement cards to hilarious slogan items in super-bright colours, we love the US brand’s approach to banishing self doubt. Whether you’re a decathlon pro or a couch to 5K kind of exerciser, this sweatshirt is for all of us. Made from a soft blend of cotton and manmade fibres, this baby is printed in a playful font and finished in grey.

3. We’ve been obsessing over BKR for a long time now so thought we’d share our revolutionary find with you. Not content with using plastic bottle after plastic bottle, never being able to find a recycling bin and feeling guilty about all the waste we must have consigned to landfill sites the world over, we looked into glass bottles. No BPA, no bin issues. The BKR bottle is obviously reusable and not just for workouts. We think carrying one everywhere is a good idea. We’re into that minty colour too.

4. Night Cheese Lifestyle is a cute Etsy shop that specialises in small enamel accessories that remind us of the kids clubs of yore. This pin says it all. We’d never expect you to don lycra and head out for a run without at least one homage to the temple of sarcasm to accompany you. Some have earned their badge for cookery, some for orienteering, some for leadership. You have proudly earned the badge of UGH.

 5. Crossed are an ethical sunglasses company hailing from Spain with a huge range of styles on offer. Creating wooden frames that are kind to the environment by utilising eco-friendly production methods, this label’s Jupiter frames have a brilliant vintage vibe. Black frames and black lenses are perfect for disguising wild post-run eyes and ensuring you look your best on the way to whatever class you’re attending on sunnier days. Here’s hoping we see a few more of them in London from here on out.


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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