Fresh Fashion Illustration by Shweta Malhotra


Shweta Malhotra is a graphic designer and illustrator who hails from New Delhi via Bombay. An art director, fashion expert and all-round talent, Shweta creates simple images that showcase the best of street style and celebrate women from all over the world. Foregoing photoshopped body parts and airbrushed faces for clashing colour-blocks to mimic luxury ads, her illustrations have represented the likes of galleries, international magazines and a huge range of creative and commercial companies from all over the world.

Drawing influence from Indian fashion and textiles, music and vintage design, Shweta’s personal brand of illustration and graphic design is a bright wash of tones that both piques the imagination and embraces reality. Her blend of high fashion and geocentric style is a perfect example of how creativity can fuse worlds that had previously been considered disparate from one another, but really, belong together.

Producing images of women, city scenes, bright abstract shapes and repeating patterns for contemporary branding projects, editorials and cultural renovations, Shweta is part of a visual revolution run by women. Working from a bright studio in New Delhi, her work depicts anything from looks at London Fashion Week to interior design-based infographics.

Whether she’s working with print, digital or a mixture of the two, Shweta is our kind of illustrator. Her deep-rooted interest in style, identity and gender is perfectly communicated by her penchant for minimalism and colour. It’s simple, yet effective and we love it. Keep up with Shweta’s news on Facebook and follow her striking Instagram feed too.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth