YGT WISH LIST | February 2016

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We know that February is well regarded as the month of love and we hope that you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day, however you spent it, but bigger things are at play here, guys. While you were off slurping spaghetti from the same bowl as your significant other or pawing at your lover under the dimmed lights of a small-town cinema, we were compiling a definitive list of all the best products from designer/makers that celebrate our mothers. Yes, ‘Mum’ is and will always be the word and we’re proud to love our old dears more than anyone else in the world.

Valentine’s day is an obvious money-spinner created in response to weird pagan and Roman traditions, and now card manufacturers for the most part, but Mother’s Day? That’s something else altogether and we take it very seriously. So browse our top picks from designer/makers and independent businesses while you still have time to have them delivered (UK Mother’s Day falls on 6th March this year, just so you know) and treat your Ma’ to something lovely; she deserves it.

1. The Gentlewoman is one of the best magazines to come out of the UK in recent years, so if your mum’s into reading highly covetable indie pubs, or at least you think she might be, pop this baby in your basket. Issue 13 is a wonderful shade of sunshine yellow and features fashion timelines, Italian writers and a fresh-faced Kirsten Dunst. This magazine is filled cover-to-cover with inspiring women so obviously it’s a favourite of ours and comes highly recommended.

2.  You can’t beat a cup of something hot and tasty in a beautiful bone china mug. Sure, it’s a small way to show someone you care but to anyone in need of a pick-me-up, it always means a lot. Anna’s Drawing Room, a south coast-based handmade business run by Anna Vartiainen has recently released a collection of birds and berries-themed goodies and we love them all. Especially this illustrated Marjorie mug in its pale yellow and black colorway. We’re dreaming of strawberries and spring already.

3. We enjoy a classic Mother’s Day Card as much as the next stationery and paper-obsessed blog, but obviously we shy away from all things gaudy and saccharine. Liz Mosley‘s prints and hand lettering are the perfect combination of minimalism and colour variation. They play with natural patterns and free-hand strokes that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. If you want the invisible medal of honour for best card this year, go with one of Liz’s designs.

4. Ruby of London is a vegan institution and so it should be. We’ve been gobbling down dairy and gluten-free cakes from this place for many months now and have to say that dairy or no dairy, they are some of the best cakes we’ve ever had. Our favourite? The pistachio rose cupcake with cardamom sponge. Small cakes are perfect for gifting and your mamma deserves one, trust us.

5. Cocofour create small batch soy candles which look and smell amazing. We wouldn’t be surprised if your loved ones are tired of receiving a load of heavily scented, gender-specific nonsense at every special occasion, but listen, it doesn’t have to be that way. This small Cedar + Jasmine from Cocofour’s apothecary range is a heady jar of joy without any of the usual crap.

6. Selfish Mother are one of those labels that are just too cool, you know? Created in celebration of mums taking pleasure in their own identity, every one of these designs turns £15 over to Women for Women International; a charity helping women in 8 war-torn regions to rebuild their lives. An organic cotton sweatshirt with a typographic twist, we’re obsessing over these a little. Get one for you and your Mum, they design versions for everyone.

7. When we think of chocolate, these days all we think of is Doisy & Dam. If you’re into interesting flavours and fairly sourced ingredients then you’ve come to the right place. Aside from having eye-wateringly great packaging, this UK confectioner uses weird and wonderful things to craft each bar. This one’s made from organic quinoa, smoked tea and vanilla but we really love the pink salt and date flavour too.

8. What do we do on Mother’s Day? We say ‘thanks Mum, I love you’ and we usually say it with flowers. Bloomon are a revolutionary floral company from the Netherlands who’ve just launched in the UK. We had the pleasure of meeting them and were blown away by the selection they offered and their great ethos about the importance of taking a little joy in botanical gifting; either to yourself or someone else. Modern, fresh and fuss-free, hey, if you’re not buying a bouquet for your mam, at least get one for yourself.



Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth