HOW TO Transform Your Outdoor Space with MADE.COM

If you have a garden that spans vast tracks and includes anything remotely close to a pond, potting shed or veg patch, give yourself a pat on the back. The rest of you, get ready to embrace the reality of your teeny patch of grass, patio or balcony with a broad smile. For city-folk, outdoor space is usually limited which means you’ll have to work that little bit harder to make it look amazing. Putting together a colourful, creative patch in which to breathe in a little fresh air is a great way to usher in the sunnier seasons and express yourself so don’t hold back. Fill that space with bright, design-led pieces and enjoy it like you should.

We scoured the internet and shops a-plenty to discover the best pieces to perk up a garden in time for warmer weather and a trip to MADE.COM’s Soho showroom revealed the perfect bits for spring and summer. Inspired by South American crafts, culture and colours, MADE.COM’s new collections appeal to our love of travel, craft and sustainable design. Our favourite statement items come from the Copa collection. Think twisted rattan and tonal trim contrasting cool, neutral tones and plush cushions in comfy garden chairs and matching mini tables. We love a touch of green to offset herbs and potted plants, especially in these two-toned pieces which take cues from traditional wicker furniture and festival decorations.


Mirroring tones found at the Rio carnival and classic geometric shapes, the winged chairs from the Copa collection can offset sharp angles, on a balcony for example, or lend a curved space a dynamic twist. Adding elements that look handmade and utilising bright colours instantly makes a small space or expanse of green look exciting and homely simultaneously.

We played around with these bits and found them really easy to stack away and super strong. Our advice? Whatever the size or shape of your space, opt for single seats for more colour, non-winged designs for minimalism and go for two-seaters to cosy up outside on balmy evenings. The tables are crafted from the same twisted strands but feature glass panels to show off the raffia underneath, clever right?

Designed in-house by MADE.COM’s studio team, the Copa chairs and table also come in a Pink Spectrum and Graphite Blue colourway which would look perfect next to climbing plants, bright blooms and clashing pottery. What’s more, if you’ve got a little more space to spare, these babies  also come in hanging seat form so you can swing back and forth in a jazzy pod to your heart’s content. Seat-side bar with easily accessible cocktails optional.



Our favourite thing about these outdoor pieces? Well, we would say their South American design influence but having tested them out for ourselves we have to say it’s their vintage-inspired cocoon shape, designed to feel like a weird sort of perfect hug. Now, if you’re not quite ready to commit to a full set of garden furniture or an ultra-impressive hanging chair but still want the comfort and colour of what MADE has to offer, might we suggest something fun to help transform your space?’s Piggy beanbag collection is the finest selection of jazzy, low-key seating we’ve ever seen and take it from us, the most comfortable too. These babies come in an array of colours and are perfect for chilling out on your terrace or even popping in the front garden to catch some rays, street party style. They’re designed to go outside so can withstand a little wear and tear but the beauty of these beanbags is that they can just as easily be used inside too.

The ideal blend of late sixties style and ultra-modern geometric trends, MADE’s garden collection is an instant mood lifter and the perfect addition to any small outdoor space. We stand by the ethos that when it comes to the house or the garden, a little colour is all it takes to make a big difference.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth