Just a Few Reasons to Visit The Lomography Store


Over the years analogue photography’s been through the mill. Whether proclaimed dead and archaic by techno-weirdos or hailed as the only way to shoot for real, actual film has largely been replaced with shiny paper print-outs of Instagram photos or those naff fake polaroids of your Facebook profile pictures you order online. We’ve love Lomography and in our opinion, it’s strange that Instagram has skyrocketed to such dizzying heights when all it really does is rip off a classic shot taken with a plastic camera.

We discovered the world of Lomography just over 10 years ago, thanks to a friend and an amazing photographer’s portfolio that we’ve never been able to find since. These days, we’re thrilled to see how the little-known movement has grown into a global sensation – we bought a Holga camera kit in 2008 in an Urban Outfitters in the centre of Boston.

With the fairly recent arrival of the Lomo’ Instant, making our snap-and-go dreams come true, we thought it a nice idea to pay homage to one of our favourite creative scenes and its shop-cum-gallery in central London. The UK’s first Lomography shop and exhibition space popped up a few years back in Soho. It’s the best place in the city to meet likeminded people interested in plastic cameras and film photography and it hosts inspiring events, talks and workshops all year round.

Plus, it’s opposite a nice pub and close to our famed Carnaby street and excellent Photographer’s Gallery; perfection. Filled from floor to ceiling with cameras and accessories, it’s easy to loose yourself in the huge Lomo’ wall of highly saturated photographs. The staff will tell you all about it if you ask them.

We know, all this talk is making you non-Londoners jealous but like we said, the Lomo’ community is a global one. If you’re not local to London, pay the Lomo’ store in Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Buenos Aries, Chicago, or Istanbul a visit. That’s just a handful for starters. Find stores in your city here and fall deeply in love with Lomo’, just like we did. The range of cameras and kits is huge so don’t be daunted, just dive straight in and let your creativity run wild.

Lomography Shop and Gallery, Soho

Open 11am – 7pm Monday – Saturday and 12 – 5pm Sunday

3, Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RE



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth