The Classically-Inspired Trips of Nick Thomm

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 16.54.38

Nick Thomm is an artist, designer and director who hails from Melbourne, Australia. His work, in short, is one giant trip. Influenced and inspired by a blend of reference points from celleuloid visions, ancient history, mythical symbolism and clashing palettes and shapes, Nick’s work ranges from print and animation to street art and brand-led design.

Founder of The Drop graphic design studio, Nick employs a range of digital and traditional techniques to produce pieces that sit somewhere between now, then and the distant future, and which provoke bizarre musings on pop culture and iconography. Having showcased his work around London in the preliminary weeks of the 2012 Olympics, you may already be aware of his mixed media collage pieces, which are the optimum blend of thought-provoking found imagery and wonderfully trippy intersections.

Nick’s work takes well-known points of reference from mythology and contemporary culture, digitally colouring them and warping them into contemporary distortions of their original context. From paintings to skate decks and neon typography, he transposes our conceptions of the traditional tranforming them into a neat psychedelic pocket of innovation.

Also the co-founder SRC783 Magazine, Nick’s work has taken him from Melbourne to New York where he now spends half of his time creating and collaborating on new projects. Not content with using just one medium, we love his use of collage, digital image manipulation and physical materials to develop fresh and vivid images in the likeness of fever dreams and historical figures.

Having worked with brands such as MTV, the BBC and Nike and exhibited all over the world, Nick’s playful yet refreshing take on well-known reliefs of Zeus and Venus or glowing quotes rendered in tubing are instant crowd-pleasers. A wash of pastel shades and fluorescent glitches with references to DOOM and the height of the renaissance, this artist’s eclectic vibe is certainly one we can get behind.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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