Book We Love: Write Nothing In Here by Seema Sharma


Summoning your creativity when your brain just wants you to watch Netflix and your body is demanding to stay in pyjamas for as much as the day as possible is tough, and it’s happened to us all. A blank sketchbook page can often be our worst enemy, which is pretty sad, given that most of us dream of drawing or designing for a living. Luckily, a few prompts is usually all the human brain needs to kickstart a creative streak and copywriter Seema Sharma’s latest book, Write Nothing In Here provides a decent few.

Far from supplying you with the whole damn brief, the prompt-pamphlet cum sketchbook invites us to come up with our own concepts and to scan our own knowledge base for any hidden gems as yet uncovered. Creates ideas out of nothing is the trade most of us identify with and it’s hard, isn’t it? Inspirational ideas tend to jump from the ether; there’s certainly no forcing them to appear.

Seema aims to inspire more people to create ideas and inventions from pure nothing. 
’Every book is either about something or forces you to think in a certain direction.’ she says, ‘I like to let go of all directions and inspire people to do the same. I think that nothing is a perfect stepping stone to creating and coming up with the most amazing things. When we’re kids, it’s easy to think up things out of nothing, but as grown-ups we need this ‘nothing thinking’ more than ever in comparison to other times in our lives.’

Published by Amsterdam based literary house Bispublishing, the book is a cross between a Zen master’s handbook and a trusty Moleskine. There are no rules written on each page, simply a few handy motivators to help you lock-on to your inner nothingness.

From more structured assignments to facts and inspiring tidbits from the greatest minds in the world, Seema’s carefully selected and formulated advice makes up only a portion of Write Nothing In Here, the rest is just blank space (get it?). So, grab your pencil, biro, fineliner or trusty watercolours if you fancy it and fill the pages with your very best ideas.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth