YGT WISH LIST | December 2015

young gold teeth lifestyle blog wish list

Christmas is coming, the goose (or me, or you, or whoever) is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t got a penny, a pound coin will do, if you haven’t got a pound coin then… This isn’t really working is it? It’s the season of goodwill and festive cheer so forgive us our lame attempts at reworking Christmas ditties, ok? We’ve selected some wonderful bits and pieces from designer/makers across the world to inspire your last minute gift shopping. We say inspire because usually, we post these little guides fairly late in the month so alas, last post for Christmas may already have passed. If not, shop away or visit any of these creatives’ stockists to snap up the goodies below. Happy holidays, everyone. Here’s the best of the best for December.

1. The Columbia Road photobook by Hoxton Mini Press is the perfect stocking filler. A beautiful trip through the famed London flower market in glorious technicolour as documented by talented street photographer Joanna Neurath.

2. Here’s something special that combines many of our favourite things. What You Sow, a Brighton-based place for green-fingered people and budding botanical fanciers touts these fantastic brass and copper garden tools. Water your delicate house plants or terrariums with the mister or get busy with the gleaming trowels and such. Copper is widely reported to drastically reduce slug and snail damage in the garden and these babies come with lovely oiled beech or ash handles. The perfect gift, right?

3. Anna Wiscombe‘s wooden Christmas wreath is a beautiful twist on a classic. Made from birch plywood and painted to perfection, this piece is one of many wooden flower or shrub arrangements that will either make your home look festive or floral all year round. As we all know, a thing of beauty is a joy forever, so don’t jut crack this piece out once a year, enjoy it.

4. Nothing will ever come close to our love for this card. Discovered at the BUST Craftacular Christmas market in London’s east end, this gem by illustrator Mister Peebles had us in stitches. We love a good pun and just look at this little guy. His name is Chris Mouse and he’s happy to meet you.

5. Clement and Claude create sweet-smelling items to fill your home with magical scents. This Mister Winter soy wax candle is our favourite from their line-up so we’re feeling very smug about the excellent timing of this discovery. Hand-poured in London, this creation is all notes of cinnamon, vanilla and buttermilk, dreamy.

6. Baby, it’s cold outside. No really, it’s bloody freezing out there so do yourself a favour and wrap up in The Kitty Hand Knitted Beanie Hat by Elen Angharad. This design is handmade from chunky Welsh wool in three seasonal shades. This ochre number won our hearts at Renegade Craft Fair in London and trust us when we say, you’ll never feel a softer pom-pom. These hats are a treat for everybody.

7. Rosemary Milner is a surface designer with a flair for vintage-inspired patterns and charming colour combinations. We love a well-wrapped gift so this Flowered Lappets gift wrap comes highly recommended. Printed onto recycled paper and depicting a flurry of summer blooms. Toss the brown paper this year and lend somebody’s Christmas present a little sunshine, why don’t you?

8. Oh yes, oh yes, we’ve done it. We’ve gone and found you the ultimate creative Christmas decoration. Or, a cute trio of festive gifts, depending on your desire to adorn your home or act selflessly and give them to your loved ones instead. These miniature polymer clay Christmas trees by ceramics experts and cactus fanatics This Way To The Circus have won our hearts. Aren’t they the best? May your days be merry and bright and filled with hand-painted trees.



Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth