Celebrate #Secondhandfirst Week with TRAID


This November we’re very lucky to be joining TRAID in celebrating #Secondhandfirst Week. From Monday 23rd to 29th November, the fashion reuse charity will be launching a range of events to demonstrate just how powerful the impact of re-using our resources can be. By resources we mean anything from homeware textiles, your favourite winter coat or a piece of jewellery. From stores here in London to studios and shops across the UK and the rest of the world, there’ll be a host of talks, workshops, shopping experiences and performances taking place; and you lot can attend or get involved with every single one of them.

The environmental and social benefits of buying second-hand, mending, up cycling, swapping and reinventing what you own rather than buying new are staggering so for starters, pay TRAID a visit and take the #Secondhandfirst Pledge. We’ve done it, a tonne of our friends and fellow creatives have done it, even Susie Bubble has done it and if she’s an ambassador for this festival of great ideas, we’re pretty sure we’re in great company. Next, feast your eyes on the programme for the week and pick out your favourite events.

Get the squad together and head out for a spot of late night charity shopping, TRAIDTALKS with author and design activist Professor Kate Fletcher, live spoken word performances, jewellery, repair and patch-up workshops, film screenings and more. Some of our favourite venues, makers and initiatives from London to Leeds and Bristol will be taking part in #Secondhandfirst.


We’re looking forward to seeing the likes of  The Clothes Club at The Proud Archivist for Clothes Swapping and Cocktails, Kalaida Clothes for more garment swapping goodness and Captured in the Rye in Peckham for an expert screen printing session. This all serves to teach us more about the effects of over consumption, how the garment and textile industries affect people of all ages from all over the world and how our demand directly impacts both these people and the planet.

This year, #Secondhandfirst week coincides with the dreaded Black Friday. For many independent businesses, this day of mass consumption is a struggle and for the rest of us, it’s a headache. Anyone that has to work in a shop, bar or restaurant on Black Friday has our sympathy. We’re counteracting the extreme materialism of the annual melee by showing our love for TRAID and saying, ‘not this year’ to fast fashion. We’ll be shaping our own identities and these workshops, talks and sessions are the first step to making that happen.

Take the pledge to source your clothes from sustainable places, take a look at the calendar and celebrate a week of #Secondhandfirst with us, TRAID and a bunch of inspiring people from here in London to cities and towns all over the UK. Let the team at TRAID know how you’re doing and send a little love over on Twitter and of course, don’t forget to give us a shout either. Find the full list of events taking place here.




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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth