The Delicate and Stylish Illustrations of Babeth Lafon


Babeth Lafon is a French illustrator based in the wonderfully creative city of Berlin. Her images are tonal explorations of all things fashion and lifestyle-led though shy away from the fashion illustration cliches we so often come across. You’ll find no spindly brushstroked legs and dramatically coiffured hair here, just delicate items, gorgeous packaging and striking patterns. A pleasing use of negative space combined with muted colours creates a sense of realism yet there’s a dreamy element to all of Babeth’s creations.

After studying in Paris, working as a graphic designer and art director in France and Austria and building up a portfolio of impressive editorial and advertising clients such as Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour magazine and L’Oréal, Babeth now illustrates monthly columns for Marie Claire in France and Annabelle Magazine. Currently working on her second illustrated book, it seems this illustrator is destined for great things.


Inspired by nature’s colours, the unique shapes of luxury accessories and the bold outlines, fit and cut of of clothing, Babeth’s illustrations also explore varied cultures and draw influence from Japanese aesthetics, African patterns and the pastel-saturated world of fashion and lifestyle bloggers and it-girls. Detailed yet soft around the edges, her images depict anything from beautifully abstract bodies and outfits of the day to neat arrangements of colour-coordinated items and vases filled with flowers.

While finding more out about this intriguing illustrator we came across this wonderful teaser film by JUNIQE, a curated German, French and English marketplace of global creative’s work and thought it a lovely way to wrap things up. Filmed in Babeth’s home city of Berlin, it gives us a brief but inspirational glance into the mind and personality of one of our newly discovered favourite artists. Thanks, JUNIQE.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth