Top Five: Winter Warmers


A brand new addition to our recurring posts on handpicked creations by designer/makers, we’re very happy to bring you the first edition of YGT’s GET THE LOOKs. These fancy little lists feature a covetable collection of ethical, handmade or independently hawked luxury items and the first instalment features some sweet bits and pieces from a few of our favourite UK-based shops and talented designers from all over. The theme? Winter warmers, of course. Hopefully these gems will help you to forget the biting cold and dine out on a little comfort instead.

1. Lola Wool Dress by Beaumont Organic. Made from a soft wool blend, this blue dress looks like a classic denim number but is much, much warmer. With an all-over snuggly texture, this piece is from a fantastic ethical retailer named Gather & See. Made in Portugal using fair practices and materials, this short-sleeved shift dress is a winter winner in our eyes.

2. This Arrow pendant is by Datter Industries, the jewellery business of British illustrator and designer Kaye Blegvad. Cast in silver from hand-carved wax, this piece is made to order and hand-finished in Kaye’s studio. It comes on a red silk cord and is basically the coolest thing ever if you’re into magical talismans, bright shades and expert craftsmanship.

3. Kitted from lambswool, this hat by Rose B Brown puts a spin on a classic. Honestly, we tire of the beanie and like that this design offers us the chance to be different in a world of identical beanie hats. Crafted from contrasting grey and persimmon orange Geelong wool with a matching knitted button at the top, this piece began its life Scotland, where Rose sources her yarn.

4. Karen Mabon is one of our all-time favourite designers and we strongly believe that if you haven’t even one iota of style, donning one of her scarves will trick everyone into thinking you’re the coolest person in the room. Made from silk Crepe de Chine scarf, this bright red and orange Colour Me Beautiful scarf features a hand-drawn print by Karen. Made in Italy, this piece is totally unique and you’ll get serious props from us for wearing it.

5. We are nothing without a decent pair of socks. Seriously, having warm feet is very important to us. These Thick Flecked Socks by Tom Lane are made from soft gray wool here in the UK and finished by hand by talented makers. Ultra cosy and natural thermal insulators, we like the idea of these babies warming our toes on chilly winter days.




Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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