YGT WISH LIST | October 2015

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This month we’re celebrating all things Samhain and spooky with our Halloween wish list. October is obviously a beautiful month rife with autumn colour, fuzzy jumpers and delicious hot drinks, but we’re far more interested in the age-old traditions, folklore, supernatural stories and subsequent creativity that make this month great. From pumpkins and magic to goblins and ghosts, we’ve handpicked a collection of All Hallows Eve-themed treats from the creme de la creme of designer/makers from all over the UK and United States. Use our wish list as a seasonal gift guide or if like us you favour a year-round witchy Wednesday Adams aesthetic, snap up a few bits and pieces for yourself.

1. Shayna Stevenson’s online shop SOJOURN houses exceptional ceramic creations. This black cat bowl is crafted from wheelthrown porcelain with a milky white glaze and hand-drawn exterior created by YGT favourite Jen Collins. Collabratively glazed by both Shayna and Jen, this monochrome delight is adorned with friendly familiars and will make the perfect trick-or-treat receptacle. Fill it with sweets, proudly dole out goodies to your home’s tiny visitors and then, when you run out of sweets, cherish the empty bowl and just give the kids fruit. Hey, don’t be ashamed. We’ve all been there.

2. This Bat Lady woodcut by Deer Jerk aka artist and printmaker Bryn Perrott is hand-carved and filled in with bold black and white ink. An awesome totem for warding off evil spirits, this piece shouldn’t make a single appearance at Halloween; hang it on your wall to admire for all 12 months of the year. Bryn’s work is the perfect manifestation of all things ghoulish, tattoo-inspired and awesome. This lady ships from the artist’s home in the states but we say having something so unique is well worth the international postage.

3. It’s tough finding jewellery that will complement a spooky costume and look good with your favourite outfits for the rest of the year so Datter Industries‘ silver skull ring is a lucky find. Designer Kaye Blegvad’s pieces have a wonderfully rustic quality and her designs are always modern, minimalist and undeniably original. We’re really enjoying this piece’s deathly Pagan vibes.

4. We love Sad Ghost Club with all our hearts so what better time to show them our deep affections than during the month of the dead? We’d wear this sweatshirt with pride, offering the hand of friendship to every lonely ghost we meet. It’s crafted from recycled materials, eco-friendly inks and bears the awesome insignia of the comic and zine club we enjoy so much. Happy Halloween, guys.

5. Sorry, but eff pumpkin spiced lattes. We just don’t get the hype. One seasonal flavour we can get behind comes in a glass bottle belonging to Brewdog‘s Pumpkin King ale. It’s spicy, citrusy and sweet all at the same time, like a lemony toffee apple with a kick. ‘Sorcery! Witchcraft!’ we hear you cry. Just chill and try some, ok? You’ll thank us.

6. We’re not entirely sure how Estelle Morris‘ creations manage to make it into so many of our wish lists and gift guides but there’s no way we could have left this item out. Twin Peaks-inspired, jet black and illustrated in the likeness of a ouija board, this tote is the best occult accessory we’ve come across this month. Crated using a screen print of Estelle’s original illustration, just swap the uncomfortable costume and excessive make-up for this bag and save yourself the hassle on the 31st October.

7. Jack Teagle‘s limited edition risograph print for our pals at No Guts No Glory is a wonderful feat of illustration. Simple, spooky and cute, this blood-red bat drawing makes us smile every time we see it. It’s also a great reminder to take courage in everything you do and to be the greatest, no matter what. We’d take this guy over a lame inspirational quote any day.

8. This month, treat yourself to an Art Macabre death drawing salon or workshop. Whether it’s ghoulish printmaking, brother’s Grimm-inspired how-to’s in magical forest yurts or skeleton life drawing here in London, these guys more than know their stuff when it comes to the dark arts. With a range of events, sessions and classes to choose from, we guarantee you a creative and slightly frightening evening with this bunch of artists, performers, models and experts from now right up until Christmas. Check out their calendar and get up close and personal with Mexican death skulls, magical stags and maybe even the gruesome fanged Nosferatu himself.



Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth