Unique Shapes by Visual Artist Sarah Illenberger


Sarah Illenberger recently blew up the internet by sticking simple dots onto leaves for her Wonderplants series a la John Baldessari, however, we’ve been checking out her work for a while and feel that honestly, while the dotted leaves are awesome, they’re not the best representation of just how great her work is. Sarah is a is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin.

Her work spans many disciplines, employing techniques and styles associated with graphic design, photography and even origami. Having worked with some amazing collaborators and editorial clients such as The Observer Magazine, Wallpaper and Port magazine and Time, it’s Sarah’s magazine-based work that really drew us in.

By crafting narrative scenes with from simple materials like paper and cardboard, Sarah seeks to skew perceptions, evoke laughter and communicate a sense of fun that transcends language. This is partially what makes her pieces so original and enjoyable to look at. Fusing art with design and adding a necessary sprinkling of traditional craft, Sarah uses everyday objects like fruits and vegetables to exact playful puns and unexpected breaks in convention.

We especially love the Tutti Frutti project’s witty double meanings and brightly-coloured compositions. Inspired by a wander through a market in Tuscany, this series for Enroute magazine has everything. It’s no wonder that after completing her studies at Central Saint Martins here in London, Sarah went on to work with prolific clients based all over the world, including but not limited to the likes of Mercedes, luxury high-street fashion house & Other Stories and the illustrious Hermés.

We love to see refined creativity that doesn’t trouble itself with pretension or unnecessary complexity so naturally, this artist’s use of line, shape, colour, content and materials is a breath of fresh air. Simple yet super effective, Sarah’s images draw inspiration from a bottomless well of subject matter and obviously, it goes without saying that they never fail to disappoint.



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