HOW TO Add a Dot of Colour With Collett + Holder


Some say there are no greater joys than the sight of freshly cut flowers or the scent of nature in the home. We say, that’s probably true. There’s something about a room that bears a hint of green that sends our senses into overdrive, making us feel serene and joyful in the same instant. The fact that not many of us have the time or capacity to spend a morning filling huge vases with seasonal blooms is a depressing reality, however that doesn’t mean we should give up on flowers, green shoots or herbaceous leaves all together. Our friends at Collett and Holder suggested a quick fix for simultaneously adding a dot of colour and nature to any wall that will hold a small hook or nail. The trick lies in an actual dot; a ceramic dot wall vase.

Collett and Holder specialise in curating and collecting handpicked gifts that have three things in common, great design, unique creative appeal and the fact that whatever it is would make a truly fantastic gift. Their store is filled with items to brighten, transform and cheer your home so we knew we were onto a winner when we set about improving a simple white wall with our green vase. The design is totally original, lightweight, flat and very easy to mount on a wall. We popped ours on a small nail and poured a little water from a jug and some plant food in to keep the flowers happy. Next, we chopped some amazing purple cabbage and fresh green shoots with lovely white blooms to arrange inside the ceramic pot; super quick, super easy.


The whole process took no time at all which meant the wall was looking much brighter in around ten minutes flat. We’ll be honest, we’re no experts when it comes to flower arranging or interiors but the dot vase seemed to make anything we put in it look pretty creative. We’re putting that down to the sleek design and vivid green colour. If green isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other colours to look at. From sugary pastels to contemporary metallic chrome and bright sunshine-inspired yellow, it’s worth keeping your flowers or bunches of herbs seasonal and matching them with clashing colours for an eye-catching finish.

We popped our vase on a painted brick wall but the beauty of this little gem is that it’s equal parts artwork and homeware. With a handy eyelet at the back, you can hang yours anywhere in the house. Contrast yours it brick, wallpaper, wood or painted concrete; basically anywhere that will firmly hold a hook. We’d love to try covering an entire wall with them for a fresh take on the living walls you see in fancy shops and gardens.

Try putting up one of these glossy ceramic pieces in your house or gift one to someone special who needs a little floral action in their life. Pick out the colour you like most and enter the code 15%YGT at the checkout for a special 15% off. Find out more about what Collett and Holder get up to, how they select their beautiful products and how their shop began in our little post on them here. Keep spring and summer alive in your home, studio, office or your own store and fall in love with a little ceramic dot of your own.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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