Messy Food a New Project by Ilka & Franz


Need a little cheering up this afternoon? You need look no further than Ilka & Franz’s latest photo project. Presented in a range of bright pastel palettes, the Austrian and German photography duo have captured a range of baleful characters for a collection of conceptual portraits titled Messy Food.

This is a no judgement zone, we love an unashamedly enthusiastic foray into a saucy dinner plate, however there’s a hint of embarrassment about this project’s subjects that makes everything a little awkward. Mucky faces and eyes that tell of a hint of regret, elevate this series to brilliant heights; we’d expect nothing less from Ilka & Franz.

Based in London, Ilka Noggler and Franz Thomüller’s work is famously colourful and intense. In each of their photographs personalities are offset by a collection of props and bright, fuss-free clothing that lends each image a bold, vivid identity and conjures notions of contemporary tribes. It’s fairly clear from Ilka & Franz’s exceptional archive of work that they’re meticulous about fine details such as lighting, the subtle expressions of their models and the quality of their collaborators.


Having worked with the likes of international booze brands to pretty much every single one of our favourite magazines, it’s no surprise to hear that the pair has earned awards, accolades and big-ups from some incredibly well-respected creatives and companies.

Inspired by everyday objects, skin, hair and bizarre found items, Ilka & Franz’s latest series for La Monda Magazine featured a gang of models who turned up having done their own hair and make-up who wasted no time in digging into a few delicious dishes. The Messy Food project champions the same sense of fun, freedom and mischief that many of the pair’s past projects have nailed, however, this particular series has to be our favourite to date.

Indulge in some colour therapy and enjoy the totally unique aesthetic that these creatives are bringing to the photography scene. You can keep up with the duo on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. We highly recommend a follow of the latter for a daily burst of image inspiration, awesome images of smiling huskies and a few laughs too.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth