VIDEO: The Creative Lives a Film on Artist Tiffany Bozic

Image by Ray Huang

Gavin Lewis Heslet is the Director of a pretty exceptional project called The Creative Lives. An independent filmmaker from Los Angeles, Gavin began documenting the lives and skills of contemporary artists roughly eight years ago and unsurprisingly, his films very quickly became a big hit. Each video is a fresh look at the day-to-day struggles, triumphs, hard work, beautiful and hilarious moments and little developments that make a creative’s life so distinctive and edifying.

The Creative Lives site is where these special and unique documentaries live. With the help of talented friends and family, Gavin connects with, interviews and films each artist planning, creative and experiencing the effects of their brilliant work and regularly posts the expertly edited results online. Raising and cultivating a community of creatives based around these honest and inspirational videos, his latest film centres around an artist we’ve also featured in the past; the inimitable Tiffany Bozic.



TCL says of her work, ‘Tiffany Bozic’s emotionally charged and thoughtful pairings of animals and other natural elements in her work reflects her deep personal feelings about life and those indescribably strange emotions that run through us all. Her dedication to paint and watercolour allows her to create incredibly thin paintings on wood and paper, so thin the grain shines through. In this episode we follow Tiffany as she prepares for her first solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery in 2010 and takes us through the archives of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.’

After premiering their first episode with prolific tattoo, graffiti and fine artist Mike Giant earlier this year, The Creative Lives have recently announced that we’ve plenty more documentaries like the one above to look forward to. The site will be featuring a brand new long-format documentary every Monday until 2nd November, plus an extra treat of  brilliant Super8 footage and outtakes which will be released on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Head over to The Creative Lives blog to discover these and learn more about the incredible artists hand-picked by Gavin and the team. In the meantime, meet Tiffany and revel in the detailed natural beauty of her paintings.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth