Inspiring Narrative Illustrations by Nicholas Stevenson


Nicholas Stevenson is an illustrator bestowed with the power to make everyone smile. You may be the most crotchety curmudgeon on the face of the earth but we guarantee his images will please you. You may even issue a rare and wonderful chuckle of amusement, happiness and satisfaction when surveying his playfully daubed illustrations.

Utilising wishy-washy mineral, gem-hued and pastel tones in gouache, this artist’s fairytale scenes are evidence of his grand and magical imagination. Based in North London, Nicholas dreams up new stories and works with various collaborators and clients as a freelancer. Some of these have included many of our favourite indie publications, such as Oh Comely and Anorak Magazine, as well as Belly Kids and big guys we’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, like The New York Times and the illustrious Big Chill Festival.

Having been shortlisted for and scooped up awards for his work, some so prestigious as this year’s World Illustration Awards, it’s clear that most share our high opinion of his creations. His fictional worlds are elevated by a winning use of colour, fantastical characters and lines that are never quite straight, lending them childish appeal. Amid forests, green fields and twinkling skies, Nicholas’ crowds, creatures and solo explorers come to life.nicholas-stevenson-illustration-young-gold-teeth

Though he has collaborated on many editorial projects, it’s his latest that has us most excited. Teaming up with children’s author David Long, Nicholas’ time travelling children’s book,  published by Wide Eyed Editions, is set to be released on 1st October. While we patiently await its publication, we’ll be revelling in the mystic and entertaining worlds he unfolds elsewhere; at his shows, on his website, twitter feed and all around the internet.

A little while back we featured a lovely video series called ‘In the Studio’, launched by our friends at Folio Art. Nicholas took part in an edition of the project which we stumbled across while seeking out the best, brightest and most beautiful of his illustrations to share with you. Discover even more about his work and what inspires him in Folio’s brief chat with the artist here.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth