Rami Kim, real name Ramis Kim, creates functional and figurative ceramic figurines that have stolen our hearts. A painter, blogger, award-winning animator and friend to a little dog called Gus, Ramis has many strings to her bow. Her creations rage from watercolour paintings, to unique vessels and super-cool characters with glossy flawless skin. It’s her clay creations, such as ramekins, planters and dark-haired women of all shapes and sizes that we favour the most. A blend of block colours, such glazes, precise brush-strokes complex narratives and poetic vibes, Ramis’ work is an example of traditional clay-work at it’s most directional conclusion.

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Ramis now lives in Los Angeles. Her dual heritage has undoubtedly affected the style of her creations. Blending LA minimalism with Korean beauty, each hand-dipped spoon, cerulean salt dish or straight-faced bun-headed character points to her many varied influences. Tales of her travels, likes and the experiences and other artists that inspire her pepper her blog, however it’s Ramis’ bewitchingly cool Instagram feed that we most enjoy stalking week-by-week.

Where’s the joy in using matching crockery, clay pots or cutlery that fail to bring a sense of mystery or surprise to your culinary experiences? There’s rarely any to be found and for this reason, we really dig the uniqueness of anything created by Rami Kim. Her sparse well-lit photography seals the deal. So much so that we almost enjoy looking at her naturally-inspired minimalist photographs as much as the ceramics themselves. With a devoted following in LA and some great workshops on the go in her area, Ramis is one creative to add to your list of inspiring makers from across the pond.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth