YGT WISH LIST | July 2015

young gold teeth lifestyle blog wish list

July’s theme is fur friends. Usually we theme things around colours and the seasons but lately one of our greatest pleasures has been the company we keep and that company has been largely pet-based. Lots of our friends have been introducing us to their pets and we’ve loved seeing snaps of the furry residents at our favourite creative hang-outs and organisations, such as Lik+Neon, Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe and of course, fantastic charity The Feline Foundation.

In times of need and stress, our animal friends are always around to place a reassuring paw on our knees. Even during mad times when a wish list needs to be made and there’s no access to Photoshop or a laptop, a cat can save the day by gently calming the anxious human frantically Googling free online image editing programmes. Yeah, July’s wish list is a little rough and ready, but without the love and support of a cat, we’d never have put it together in time. This one’s for you, fur babies. Long may you reign supreme.

1. Future and Found specialises in beautiful things for your home. Filled with their own designs, special picks from around the world and vintage market finds, everything in this store is considered and presented perfectly. Based in Tufnell Park, London, the shop is another off our independent favourites. This Mog Plate by Donna Wilson is just one of our most desired finds.

2. It was awesome to stumble across Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. while exploring one of our new favourite sites Committed to using the sale of fair trade organic, whole bean coffee to support no-kill rescue organisations for young dogs, this company is nailing it. With slick packaging, a fantastic ethos and proceeds donated to rescue partners, this is a coffee company we can get behind. With a load of blends to choose from, opt for a starter pack which includes a choice of three roasts and information about grounds & Hounds and their work over in the US.

3. Harriet Gray‘s cattoos can’t go without a mention in this celebration of all things feline. This illustrator specialises in pretty much nothing but cats and her detailed drawings of kitties have become iconic amid the blogosphere in their application as temporary tattoos.

4. We’ve cheered for cats and dogs but let’s not forget all the other little guys that make us feel loved on the reg. Hamsters, gerbils and of course, rabbits. Here’s a wonderful marriage of two things we love in the form of a ceramic planter that looks like a cute white bunny. Created by ceramic artist and Easy crafter Beardbangs, this sweet turquoise pot is the perfect addition to your succulent garden.

5. We couldn’t love Stay Home Club more if we tried. It’s misanthropic message runs deep in our veins and we’re crazy about the designs Olivia Mew produces and picks out for her store. Show your love for cats, dogs, duvets and being a loser with a screen printed tote from their fantastic Canadian store.

6.  Four & Sons Magazine is a new love for us. A stunning independent publication in praise of dogs, god people and those who have chosen the life more doggy, each page is filled with expertly-penned articles and marvellous photography. An earnest thing of beauty, we’re so happy that this is available to buy in the UK at a few great shops like East London’s Artwords.

7. No doubt you all fancy Lazy Oaf‘s creations as much as we do. These guys are a stock go-to for all things printed, pastel and illustrated. Their collaborations are great but their in-house designs, like these goggly-eyed doggy socks are even better. Pair them with a summer dress, rolled up jeans or gift them to one of your hound-loving friends.

8. Francesca Miele is an up-and-coming artist with a background in graphic design and film editing. These additional skills and experience of working with the moving image clearly influence her prints, which are specially created with home decor in mind. Francesca’s series of Polaroid Animal Prints are like a cross between a Wes Anderson movie and Yago Partal’s Zoo Portraits. We particularly like this Suzie and Margot-inspired Afghan hound amid tropical houseplants and dino wallpaper. Lovely stuff.


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth