The Lowdown on Feast Festival by Designer Kieron Lewis


Kieron Lewis is a graphic designer and creative entrepreneur whose enthusiasm for life sometimes makes us feel dizzy. Over the years we’ve witnessed him go from student magazine mogul to branding champ and now, to full-time freelance designer working on advertising and editorial projects at various creative agencies. A dear pal of ours, Kieron is currently immersed in a couple of very exciting new ventures so we thought we’d share the low-down on each of them with you.

Kieron dedicates his free-time to acting as lead designer for Feast, a volunteer-powered street market located in West Norwood. This event encourages people in the local area to meet one another and interact with the various creatives and independent businesses that set up shop to sell their wares. Managing the look and feel of all digital and printed content, Kieron also designs themed monthly flyers to let the community know what to expect from each edition of Feast. The next event, which will take place on Sunday 2nd August, will be Holiday themed so everyone’s hoping for good weather.

Feast seems like a fantastic market founded on admirable ideals so it stands to reason that any ambitious creative would want to be involved with it, however, this isn’t the only reason that Kieron originally put himself forward for the job. He says, ‘My primary school was actually in West Nowood and there’s something about the area that will always be a special for me. I love remembering those mornings when I would run and still miss the school bus or when 3.30pm finally came and a group of us would run down the high street to the local chippy or sweet shop after school. They were the good old days!’


Feast is made up of a large group of volunteers from different backgrounds, from teachers to retired friends looking to help out and local shop owners, there are many enthusiastic people involved. It seems that, unlike many other street markets which can sometimes go in for style over substance, Feast is run on a love for the local area and a dedication to making it better. ‘Having something like Feast is really important to the community.’ Says Kieron. ‘One thing you’ll notice if you head down is the mixture of people who attend. The city has become more muti-cultural than ever and having something like Feast in your neighbourhood really celebrates this aspect of London life.’

The monthly market is comprised of a number of hubs which are themed according to differing and delicious categories. There’s an Artisan Market, an area when creatives can set up a stall and sell or promote their artwork, the Family Hub where children have accesss to free lunch boxes and a play area, and the Food Fair Hub where those on the hunt for tasty grub like to hang out. From paella to organic burgers, it’s likely you’ll find something you fancy here. You can also expect to catch some live music direct from members of the West Norwood Community, unique performances and even appearances from the likes of South London Samba, which sounds pretty awesome to us.


We asked Kieron why he thinks we should all spend a day checking out Feast and his response was a deal breaker. ‘Most events nowdays cost something’ he said, ‘especially in London but Feast is totally free. Sunday is a lazy day and at this event, you can be lazy, sit down, relax and still get to experience the culture surrounding the area, lovely food and awesome live music. It’s worth taking advantage of all the cool stuff that has been put on by our lovely volunteers. The atmosphere is amazing.’

There’s a lot to be said for volunteering and the satisfaction that giving back to your community can bring. Part of our love for doing what we do is rooted in being able to talk to amazing creatives and make new contacts every day. In Kieron’s opinion, the best thing about Feast is the friends he’s made along the way and the creative freedom the project affords him. He told us, ‘I’ve lived in West Norwood for many years but it was only when I became part of Feast that I began to meet and talk with locals. Also like most designers, I get that warm fuzzy feeling when I see the poster or banner I’ve created hanging up, or someone carrying one of my flyers. Volunteering certainly has a lot of meaning behind it. As an integrated designer I sometime find that working in the ‘client’ world has good and bad sides. Having the opportunity to work on an ongoing project like Feast really allows you to experiment and have fun with print and digital content. The whole team is always open to new visual ideas.’

As the market’s Lead Creative Kieron work hard to achieve a comfortable balance between volunteering, work and having a social life beyond staring at Facebook but assures us that it can be done. Utilising your skills to support your local area is perhaps something that we should all be trying out and Feast is always on the lookout for volunteers. Whether you’re a designer, entertainer or just fancy helping out on the day, click here to learn more if you’re interested in getting involved.


‘Feast is about working with as many locals as possible.’ Says Kieron, ‘West Norwood has so much to offer and the volunteers and I are always striving hard to put on a good day every month. Hopefully this will encourage those who dont live in West Norwood, or even those who dont know the area at all, to become more familiar with it. Its a wonderful team to be a part of, and I look forward to seeing Feast grow as the months go on. We’ll see you on West Norwood’s high street on Sunday 2nd August for the next one. Keep up with all Feast’s news and enjoy Kieron’s design work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In other news Kieron is currently part of the Jack Wills Young Brits competition. This is something we’d not heard of until recently but are now fully committed to rooting for. The project is based around giving opportunities to talented people who embody what it is to be young and British. Either through their work, their lifestyles or their dedication to helping others, each entrant is pretty impressive. Kieron’s entry falls under the ‘Creativity’ and with a few days of voting left before the judges reach a verdict, we suggest you head over to Kieron’s page to cast a vote for him. With big plans for Feast and for his fellow creatives both in the West Norwood community and across the web, we’d love to see him win. Well keep you posted on the competition’s outcome but in the meantime, enjoy a sunny Sunday at Feast and be sure to seek Kieron out for a quick chat.



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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth