As you all know, we’re pretty into our recycling, upcycling and reimagining. From everyday objects as works of art to creative fixes using unlikely items, we’re always keen on projects and products that breathe new life into the mundane and obscure. It therefore stands to reason that we’re totally in love with Duvet Days, a London-based clothing label with reinvention at its core.

Cut to bold playful silhouettes in damn comfortable styles, the company’s unisex clothing is bright, printed and instantly recognisable. This is probably because you’ll have seen the very same print adorning your Duvet Days crop top covering your childhood bunk beds back in the halcyon days of Beanie Babies, The Spice Girls and Biker Mice From Mars. This is tailor-made bespoke clothing crafted from Barbie sheets, jungle blankets and Disney pillowcases and it is seriously jazzy.

Kids, grown-ups, pretend grown-ups and seasoned style-hounds can and should rock a Duvet Days outfit. If you usually go for a slick shirt, casual weightlifter trousers, summer shorts or a wrap skirt and teeny top combo, there’ll be something to suit you in this store. The label’s ethos centres around a need for festival-gear that fuses fun, colour and comfort so easy-to-wear is top of the Duvet Days agenda. Founder Emma Graham-White is all about versatility so has created her awesome designs with the intention of them being worn both on and off site. Whether these pieces are more suited for work, the weekend or the middle of tent-peppered field in rural England really depends on your vibe but if you want our advice, just go for it.

Our favourite thing about Duvet Days, their marvellous eye for retro prints aside, is their dedication to championing ethical practises and sustainable fashion. The company is among the many conscious fashion brands, designers and organisations that we admire and support. By upcycling 100% of its collections Duvet Days is a sweet style option with a closed-loop supply chain. ‘What’s next for these guys and where can I find them?!’ we hear you cry. They’ll be sharing their designs and demonstrating what festival-wear should really be about at London’s Lovebox Festival so keep an eye out and head over to say hello if you see them. The team will be sharing updates over on their Facebook page in the lead-up to the weekend.

A feast of nostalgia with a dollop of unique street style appeal, doused in carnival-ready prints, these statement threads are for everyone. Cut to simple styles for optimum dancing, chilling, porta-loo trips, nap times, morning treks, nights out and afternoons in the city, Duvet Days have won our hearts just in time for festival season.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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