YGT WISH LIST | June 2015

young gold teeth lifestyle blog wish list

The arrival of summer can sometimes come as a bit of a shock here in London. Suddenly it’s hot and a bit sticky and jeans seem like a stupid idea, however you’ll lament not bringing a jacket out with you because the sky is still inevitably grey and could pelt you with fat weird-smelling raindrops at any moment. Despite the confusion of the first of the summer months, June’s theme is yellow because somewhere, under all that cloud cover, the English sun is shining and it’s up to us to remain ever-optimistic about how long its blessed rays will decide to stick around. We love the warm weather and June has been pretty hot. Perhaps not by tropical standards but hey, the UK isn’t exactly known for being a sun-trap. Let’s get a little bit yellow and embrace the seventies design resurgence while we’re at it. Did someone say cheesy-pineapple?

1. If you’re a sucker for nostalgia, you’ll love this one. Purveyors of creative cocoa-based treats Creighton’s Chocolate have recently created The Exploder bar. This is basically a slab of joy filled with the popping candy that you, your parents and their parents are probably secretly obsessed with. The perfect gift, the uniquely pretty packaging makes this one special.

2. What’s better than a tall refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day? ‘Nothing on this goddamned earth’ is the answer to that question. Real Lemonade from The Dalston Cola Company. Born and crafted in London, these guys are pretty hands on when it comes to their drinks. All 100% natural, handmade with fresh ingredients and with no concentrates, additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives, each drink is carefully hand made, bottled, labelled and delivered by the east London-based team. Take it from us, it’s all pretty tasty too.

3. Speaking of tropical fruits, we’re crazy for this Leather Banana Necklace created by Prague-based creative Pauline Hagan. Pauline’s handmade jewellery shop Benu Jewellery is another of our favourite Etsy treasure troves. This necklace features a string of leather bananas on a shiny gold chain and though it’s our favourite piece, we dig pretty much everything in the Benu shop.

4. Yellow journalism is reportage that distorts, exaggerates or exploits the news to drum up sensation and attract readers. Obviously you’ll find no such nonsense here, but what better theme for an illustration project? Off Life’s YELLOW series is well worth your time. This marvellous collection of creative tidbits is not available to pour over in book form just yet. You’ll have to wait until December for that but despite this, you can still explore the amazing illustration project here. Featuring 52 illustrations, that’s one a week from 52 different illustrators, YELLOW is a limitless exploration of news stories, what’s hot off the press, the good, the grand and the bloody controversial. We love it and we know that you will too.

5.  It’s retro, it’s fruity and it’s from a wicked independent shop and centre for contemporary arts in Gateshead. Oh, and you can keep stuff in it too. Selling North East England-themed gifts, the Baltic store and gallery aims to bring great art to everyone. We love their ethos, their events and in particular their glorious yellow Pineapple Jar.

6Wool and the Gang are the coolest. We fancy everything about them, especially the fact that you can either choose to purchase an item from their store, or opt to make it yourself. We’ve gone for a simple pattern with a hint of neon yellow by way of this Clash Pot. Keep your creative fingers busy and crochet your own using sustainable wool from the company that are bringing totally unique, high-quality fashion and homewares back into the mainstream. Pop your keys, rings, loose change or even a cactus pot in it and bask in the glow of your newly found yarn-wielding skills.

7. We’re sure you’ll have spotted Alfred and Wilde on your travels, but if you’ve yet to meet them, allow us to make the introduction. This creative company makes all manner of things from gold patterned mugs to cute greetings cards and screen-printed tea towels. Forming their collections around their love for London ad geometry, as well as the colour yellow, obviously, This Plywood Piece is a graphic giclee print lovingly created in East London. Pretty snazzy, no?

8. We recently had the pleasure of getting to know the brains behind beautifully creative lifestyle emporium Collet and Holder. When these guys aren’t selecting new items for their store, they’re sharing original products from some of the best UK makers and designers. One of our favourites is this Produce Honey Candle. Inspired by seasonal harvests and presented in lovely recyclable glass jars, this honey-scented soy candle will fill your home or studio with warmth and sweet vibes. Look out for our interview with Collet and Holder among our most recent posts and learn more about their awesome products.


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth