The Psychedelic Art of Daniel Hixon


Daniel Hixton is a self-taught artist based in the beautiful though occasionally pretty chilly climes of Helsinki, Finland. His glitchy, psychedelic works are created by mixing several contrasting techniques such as oil painting, vector art, photography, digital collage and 3D rendering. The results resemble grainy dreamscapes and abstract scenes resembling oil slick supernovas.

Having dabbled with varied creative disciplines in the past such as video, graphic design, Daniel found many of the processes attached to painting, digital sampling and photography similar enough to begin experimenting. His mixed-media works are each an impulsive enquiry into what can be achieved by mixing materials and keeping subject matter fluid and unbridled.

There really isn’t any standardised method, but there’s a lot of, “I wonder what happens if I do this.”’ says Daniel, ‘There’s a great deal of serendipity involved in the process, but I feel that’s what really keeps me interested in the process of making art in the first place; exploring new techniques and ways of creating. Most of the pieces are actually very different than what the initial idea was. If there ever was one in the first place.’

The abstract nature of Daniel’s creations projects an aura of impersonality, a sense that the artist is perhaps a digital impression or programme themselves. Being a self-taught artist still in the initial stages of honing his skills, he tells us that his chief inspiration is the process of creating work in itself, forming landscapes, abstract patterns, melting and distorting objects and spinning warm lights from a mass of oil streaks and pixels. He says,

‘I just like to experiment and figure out how to do certain things. I don’t really look for inspiration per se and I’m not really interested in certain genres of art or specific time periods. I think that’s a positive thing, as you’re prone to do unique things if you’re not fixated on something precise from the past.’

Currently working on a range of mind-bending new works that push his creative abilities to new levels, Daniel is focussing on new places, new processes and of course, upholding his enigmatic reputation as the creator of textural cosmic landscapes.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth