Naturally Beautiful Paintings by Lorena García Mateu


Lorena Garcia Mateu is a contemporary painter and creative based in Valencia. From her studio in the city, she produces  colourful pieces that seem to ring in the joy of nature’s beauty, however many of her creations seem to also interrogate our views of beauty. Lorena’s paintings feature women in thick makeup obscured by vibrant blooms, lush petals and detailed floral arrangements.

Whether or not these bunches of coral, flora and other examples of natural beauty are part of Lorena’s subjects, growing directly from their faces, or whether they are simply being held up in order to hide what’s beneath, we’re unsure. Her use of soft, hazy outlines and warm colours blend to produce a dreamy, hallucinatory vibe that lends itself to uncertainty.

Lorena is inspired by many things and draws influence from films, music, conversation and the act of painting itself. When it comes to sitting down with a paintbrush in her hand, she describes herself as being very disciplined. She tells us, ‘I like to spend hours at my studio, even if I am not painting. I also have an inquisitive mind, almost everything interests me. I am very eager for knowledge.’

The fluidity and enigmatic nature of Lorena’s subject matter is part of what makes her creations so very distinctive. She believes that as a painter or visual artist, describing your own work or an issue that you have chosen to explore is a constant challenge and something that others can be far better at tackling. The best way of communicating, she tells us, is through the paintings themselves; through colour, composition, form and symbolism.

Lorena’s most recent series of paintings explores and discusses change. More specifically it asks questions about the deep and continuous change of all things, from personal, internal change to external changes in the world around us and in the natural universe. At least, that’s what Lorena sees in her paintings, or what others have told her that they have seen in them.

Lorena has recently been showing this collection, along with some of her other paintings at shows and expositions all over Europe, including The Other Art Fair and The Affordable Art Fair here in London. Her stunning works feature in a great selection of Spanish magazines from which she regularly shares spreads and snippets on her Facebook page. Each of her paintings is a vivid and mysterious foray into figurative self-reflection and the beautiful unknown.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth