YGT WISH LIST | April 2015

young gold teeth lifestyle blog wish list

Seeing as this month plays host to Emily’s birthday, April’s wish list is inspired by parties, presents, celebrations, and all the pleasant effects of growing riper, wiser and more gracefully aged. This month is also the month of giving, caring and consideration, with our human kindness festival at the Shacklewell Arms having taken place on 4th. What’s more with Earth Day on 22nd and Fashion Revolution Day taking place on 24th, April is shaping up to be a month of pure change-making goodness with plenty to celebrate. So let’s hear it for this collection of earth-loving, right-on, birthday-themed treats.

1. There ain’t no party like a llama party and we know it. Illustrator and designer Indiana caba’s playful print featuring a trio of literal party animals is the perfect item to kick off our wondrous wish list this month. Her shop No llores mi querida is packed with winsome and colourful drawings of some of our favourite creatures, and contrary to its title, gives us little reason to weep (even though it is our party and we can sure as hell cry if we want to).

 2. Yvonne Ellen, how may we sing your praises? Too often have we felt a little too cliched when clutching a non-sustainable red cup at a social event. Now, thanks to your creations, we can sip upon our favourite nips in style. These upcyled vintage teacups are given a new lease of life, leaving the dusty shelves of bric-a-brac shops forever, and finding new homes in higher, more exciting places. Gin anyone?

3. It’s never a party without a piñata, right? These famed candy-bearing receptacles come in all shapes and sizes, some a little creepier-looking than others. We’ve seen some weird ones in our time, but have opted for a sweet and decidedly safe bet this time around. London-based company Papel Craft specialise in creating piñata for all kinds of events. We think this rose globe is just the thing for Earth Day celebrations, birthdays, and anniversaries.

4. Speaking of Earth Day, Amy Anne Rose’s monochrome globe cushions seem to be everywhere. Handmade in the UK, and a big hit with interiors nuts, these cushions remind us why we love great design that takes care of our planet. Why not show independent designer/makers and the Earth a little love? Head over to the Pumpkin Seed Craft Etsy store and take a peek at Amy’s creations.

5. Inky Collective‘s ‘Hooray’ card is perfect for pretty much every happy occasion. A London-based letterpress studio, Inky Collective work exclusively with recycled card, printing their top notch designs onto prints and stationery too.

6. No doubt you’ll all have heard of design maestro Stuart Gardiner but if you’ve not, prepare to fall hard. Nothing says celebration quite like a mini set of colourful cocktail recipes, close to hand, looking amazing, protecting your furniture from liquid stains. Awesome, functional, informative, and making food and drink the new rock ‘n’ roll; what more could you ask for?

7. Pup Tart creates amazing bits and pieces for you, your furry friends, and your human friends too. If we’re celebrating, partying, loving the earth, and being kind to one another, including a special something from Pup Tart is a must. This Cat and Dog tipi is a little different, super-cool, and shows your fur-babies that you care. Invite your fuzz-covered friends to hang.

8. If you’re after ethical threads with great design in mind look no further than Alec Bizby‘s creations. This sweatshirt was handmade in Haggerston using textiles milled in Tottenham. We discovered Alec Bizby’s garments thanks to our good friends at Brothers We Stand and can’t get enough of them. They’re the perfect balance of locally produced form, fairness, and function; everything that fashion should be.


Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth