MAKER TO KNOW: Katie Jones Knit


London-based fashion and knitwear designer Katie Jones is not only a very talented individual, she’s an innovator too. With her brand based in sustainable fashion, her roots in the pensioner’s arts of pearling, stitching, and darning, and know-how garnered from Central Saint Martins, Katie’s garments and accessories are a grand fusion of styles and ideas, as well as a refreshing departure from traditional fashion fabrics and forms. This creative is a rule-breaker, in the best possible way.

With Fashion Revolution Day just around the corner, Katie’s wearable artisanal collection is top of the list of great products from exceptional ethical brands that we’ll be supporting on 24th April. Each piece is created in line with Katie’s own Grandmother’s ethos of making something beautiful from nothing and avoiding waste at its heart, and is designed and pieced together in East London using British Materials and reclaimed and recycled garments.

We first heard tell of Katie Jones’ pom pom accessories from our fiends at BalladOf Magazine, and soon realised that knitted earrings were just the beginning. Imagine a delectable crocheted world of brights, patterns, unconventional shapes, storybook pieces, frills, capes, and flashes of the psychedelic styles of the 60’s and 70’s. Basically, the clothing equivalent of giant Colorado Desert art installation Salvation Mountain.

What’s that? It’s all looking a little gaudy in your mind’s eye? We’ll hear none of that. The beauty of Katie Jones’ pieces originates in her eye for chic contrasts and melding original styles with contemporary textile additions. Her garments’ use of colour and indeed, her art direction in general, is outstanding as is a true testament, if ever one were needed, to the power of sustainable fashion to make the world a better looking place.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth

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