Come Join Us at the #wearespirit Rooftop Party


In our opinion the words ‘disenchanted’, ‘disenfranchised’ and ‘disjointed’ are far too familiar. London is a city plagued by negativity, especially now that the general election is fast approaching. What does the result of this song and dance mean for young people, for creative communities, and for folks like us? For the most part, it seems that many young people don’t want to even consider the answers to those questions, which is pretty bleak if you ask us.

In an attempt to combat that ominous vibe, we’d like to invite you all to #wearespirit, a party held on election night in order to celebrate the power we have to enrich our communities all year round. On Thursday 7th May at Dalston Roof Park, a group of creatives will be saying yes to  dancing and no to empty promises. This is a collective that cares more for community than profit so whilst they won’t be mentioning Politics or the Election directly, they’ll be rallying for and generating some positivity at this free event.

Stories that blend entrepreneurship, community and creativity will be broadcast online all night by Kilburn to Kensal and Hoxton FM will be broadcasting the music, so come prepared, and if you fancy it, jump on the mic yourself and share your story. For the rest of the night expect first rate DJ sets from the likes of Shy One, The Wotnot Label and About To Blow, interspersed with some of London’s most exciting spoken word artists, as well as beers and a rooftop BBQ. The aim of the night is to create an atmosphere of celebration as an antidote to the potential frustration and negativity that may surround the general election that night.

This is the age of information, innovation and collaboration and we’re now more empowered than ever to create, debate and participate. On 7th May we can showcase the development of our forward-thinking habits, how we’ve worked together to combine business & community goals, and how we choose to celebrate our creativity in the process. So grab a ticket here, follow #wearespirit via radio and live stream, share your stories and points of view, take away ideas for your own events, and celebrate your creativity and hopes for the future as part of a huge community of others.

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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth