Support the Jungle Book Club Kickstarter | Puck Collective


Puck Collective are a group of 32 insanely talented creative individuals. From illustrators to printmakers, painters, and paper-cutters, Puck have have been tearing up the graphic arts scene for a good few years, and now they’re back with a Kickstarter campaign that may just thrill you. The collective has been staging creative events from 2010 onwards, and since then the team have brought about projects, exhibitions, drawing clubs and workshops focused on an exhaustive spectrum of great themes. Their latest feat is a master plan to transform two London venues into weird, wild and wonderful jungles.

The two East London venues, The Book Club and its sister establishment Stories, will undergo the Puck treatment, becoming a green paradise filled with surprises, and will play host to jungle-themed illustration shows. These exhibitions are set to explore the scale and beauty of jungle animals in all their glory, with proportional artworks reflecting the sizes of the great and the small. In addition to this, Puck have lined up an awesome programme of games, parties and other creative events.

Though Puck Studio may appear to have all the trappings and talents of one, the collective is not an agency, which means that funding for events like this one come from the pockets of the collective’s creatives. Limited funds not only mean sad faces but also, no scope for awesome prints, workshops, and parties. Puck have already set about building a magical jungle with their own heard-earned cash, however, they need your help to take this event to the next level.

Their Kickstarter campaign launched today and has already won the hearts of a bunch of amazing supporters. Puck now need an extra boost from you, so dig deep, bag some tasty rewards in the form of prints, unique Puck playing cards, prints and more, and help this fantastic line-up of Jungle-themed events go forward. We’re looking forward to life drawing classes, print workshops, origami and paper craft events, maybe even creative field trips to the zoo. It’s all possible with your help.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth