Watercolour Jungles by Artist Jennifer Tyers


Jennifer Tyers is a Tasmanian artist now based in beautiful Borneo. Working predominantly with watercolours, Jennifer creates vivid landscapes and weaves natural dreamworlds with meticulous finesse. These landscapes feature colourful, tropical plants, clashing patterns and twisting boughs, set against proud mountainous backdrops, clear seas and layered skies. There’s something cheerful and optimistic about these scenes of natural proliferation, undisturbed by human hands. Jennifer’s interpretations of Australian shores and the jungles of Borneo are filled with light and magic, revealing an eden of natural possibility.

Jennifer has exhibited her work all over the world, showing dark scenes of silent forests in Melbourne, and paintings of tropical gardens in Singapore. Her portfolio reflects her movement around the globe, with the hues and subject matter of her images gradually becoming lighter, more natural, and less human as time passes. Jennifer’s work however, is not limited to watercolour forests. A freelance illustrator and concept-creator, she has worked with many clients on graphic arts projects, and created whimsical illustrated books for children and for adults.

As spring approaches and we begin to spot blossoms and bulbs, Jennifer’s work is a welcome addition to the rising levels of colour we’ve been seeing. Her paintings and illustrations help us to immerse ourselves in the natural and botanical world, to imagine the idyllic and the tropical, and to draw inspiration from it, without disturbing the peace of living and growing things.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth