Fun and Fresh Illustrations by Barbara Dziadosz


Barbara Dziadosz is a freelance illustrator who, after beginning her creative career in a small town in Northern Poland, now studies in Hamburg. Her work is fresh, felicitous and funny, and reveals her skill when it comes to printmaking and textural illustration.

There’s something of a Wes Anderson vibe to her images, as they all feature a great set of recurring, vintage-looking palettes and colourways. Barbara’s illustrations are filled with snazzy characters embarking on perilous adventures amid green and pink-leaved foliage and bright-bricked buildings and cities. Her beautifully stencilled plants and flowers are among some of the most recognisable aspects of her work, along with her cute depictions of stocky, gangly and snappily dressed individuals, always in bright colours.

Her list of clients is a long one, and each of Barbara’s illustrations seem to effortlessly convey a string of jubilant messages, some simple, others far more complex. Her style is joyful and busy, lending many characters happy and mischievous personalities, and varied scenarios a pleasing level of energy.

A browse of her portfolio reveals that Barbara has firmly cemented her signature style, sticking to layered, colourful images, and her instantly recognisable pink, yellow and green palettes. If you’re in need of an illustration fix to lift your spirits, might we suggest spending a little more time with this artist’s marvellous work. It’ll supply the perfect pick-me-up, and might even inspire you to create a sunny, pastel-hued masterpiece of your own, just in time for spring.


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Words: Emily Beeson | @younggoldteeth